3 Things You’ll Need: To Lose Weight and Gain Everything Else You Want!

Three things you must do to Get Yourself Fit!
Three things you must do to Get Yourself Fit!

I keep a Daily Journal and have adapted that practice several years back. A concept I picked up from one of my mentors. One of the many benefits of keeping a Journal is that you can use it to measure the progress on any of your “active” goals or self-improvement programs or campaigns.

I am however, like a “Ping-Pong ball”; I tend to bounce all over the place when I attempt to put my mind to things. It’s not as bad as being a “yo-yo dieter” but it does cause about the same disgruntling and dissatisfaction in one’s life!

I talk and write a lot about healthy foods and exercising a lot but my main fault is…I am only human! And, we call ourselves the superior creature on the food chain! I mean that I tend to beat myself up when I miss my mark. Do you ever do that to yourself? Just the other day, I checked back to see how things went a year ago “to the date” of my current Journal Entry I was writing. It was then that my “balloon of hope and pride” quickly deflated – in fact it outright popped! (I hate that when that happens)…I’m sure you can relate to that.

You see, we as humans tend to either follow a plan or not follow a plan – it’s our choice. Animals do not make plans or set goals – they simply can’t. Their activities are merely to survive and they live out of habit and necessity, sameness and instinct. Now, domesticated animals or pets are a bit different. They have the ability to act and react in certain ways, that allow themselves to obtain certain things that they want, or have learned to want (we humans are responsible for that) they have to do certain things to get those special treats. And this is the paradox. Domesticated pets are more advanced than squirrels, ducks, beavers and raccoons. Beavers and raccoons live to survive and survive to live naturally whereby our “pets” have really learned to adapt to a life-style similar to ours without the assistance of speech, goal setting or reasoning. They are taught and have adopted actions they can perform in order to be awarded or rewarded.

How many of us “award ourselves” with little awards and rewards for accomplishments throughout the day, week, month or other periods of time. Isn’t it really easy and almost unnoticeable for those rewards to silently turn into habits and worse… into addictions?

Getting back to my “Ping-Pong lifestyle”…My weight has not changed appreciably in 12 months, in fact it’s not changed hardly at all and I know you could care less if I was fat or thin but put yourself in this same place or predicament. How would you feel?

There are 3 INGREDIANTS that are required to “soar like an eagle” when it comes to achieving certain improvements in your life. Call them Natural Laws if you will. They are; 1) eat a sensible diet, 2) get the correct amount and type of exercise and 3) most important; understand the definition of Self-Discipline and how to apply it to your life 24-7.

It is my goal and objective that through my blog, using myself as a guinea pig, I will be able to help others to realize a better lifestyle through improved health, wealth and happiness. Answer this if you will: Did you ever wonder why throughout history, man has maintained the same ratio in its species; 3% to 5 % healthy, wealthy and happy compared to 95% to 97% not healthy, not wealthy and very unhappy!

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