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The one thing that you will find with this website is – I am here to guide and suggest ways that will allow you to move ahead on your quest for a happier and healthier life. I am not attempting to force books and products at you. My genuine desire is to share little things that I have learned over the years that may be of interest to you and possibly may be worth trying if you are seeking some major changes in your health and lifestyle.

  • Do You want to lose a few pounds?
  • Do you want more energy?
  • Do you want to succeed in any given area of your life? 

I like to climb a mountain every once in a while…

I love a good hike or I should say Trek out in Nature…

I totally am all about Walking!!

Jack LaLane1. I'm from the “old school” and when I was a kid, I still can remember getting up in the morning and watching The Jack La Lane Show on our brand new Black & White Television set. That was when you only had 3 or 4 “channels.” Jack would do a lot of stretches, and body exercises without weights, isometric contractions and also what looked to be a form of Yoga at the time. However he was also involved in weight lifting, walking and swimming as well. (Jack was dubbed as the “Godfather of Fitness”). Who would have ever guessed that I would have been searching his wisdom and techniques a half century later!

Les in 19572. As a young lad of 10 years old, the thought of deeper research into this superstar (Jack La Lane) beyond watching his 30 minute TV show, was unthinkable. Computers, Google and You Tube were not even thought about yet invented at that time! But I still believed that “those were the days.” My… how times have changed! My “superstars” at the time were the Green Bay Packers coached by Vince Lombardi who said “The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.”

Les and James Brown Assimilation 19653. Also, in my youth… I became a “Rock Star” (well, in my mind I was) but I did get to perform on stage with the “Godfather of Soul”James Brown himself. My stardom lasted about 4 years and then I changed tracks and settled down to a married life to the gal that I had dated all through Junior and Senior high school. When you are young, life is forever! (We are moving towards our 52nd anniversary quite soon.)

Les's TPPA Certification4. My next step… was becoming a professional photographer and the next 40 years were a whirlwind of passion and excitement as I loved every minute of it. 40 years in a physical studio environment and then about 7 years of freelance after I sold the studio. I did own and operate a studio in the Midwest U.S and then in the Southern part of the U.S. and finally returned to my roots in the Midwest. It was an interesting and fulfilling career.

CMH Hospital

5. Following my Photography Career, I was employed as a Security Officer for a little over 10 years in a major Midwest Hospital. It was here that I saw and learned the differences between the healthy, not-so-healthy and those who have given up on their health and their lives. It was then… that what I saw and experienced day-in and day-out, that made me wonder how they got to where they were. That’s when I decided to help myself and try and undo my own unhealthy-related circumstances. That’s when was born. Join us – our mailing list NOW!

1197-EN-R6. Myself, along with my far better half… spend our time on the lakes and rivers with our Kayaks, doing a ton of hiking and working out together at the gym. We are slowing down a little but along with our Kayaks, our hiking gear, the dumbbells and resistance equipment at the gym PLUS an eye on some really nutritional meals and two very active grandchildren – we do stay pretty flexible as well as healthy!



7.The most recent chapter in my life… has been to become involved in Internet Marketing in an effort to help other people (as I did as a photographer for almost 50 years!) and if I make a dollar or two that would not be bad either. I do point out that my priorities are; (1) being passionate about it and  (2) helping others. The above 2 objectives are listed in the correct order!

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