Lost 87 Pounds in 18 Months

Do you want to know how to lose a massive amount of weight and keep it off? Do you want to know what keeps me going like the “copper top bunny?”

Here’s the text (below) of an actual email that I received from a friend that sees me walking all of the time (I get emails like this several times per week):

“Les, I have no idea how you can drop so many pounds and keep them off, would you kindly share whatever magical Chinese medical brew you are drinking – that allows you to maintain your weight, your good spirit and your energy level. Every time I see you, you look fitter than the last time! I know it bugs you when I break your stride when you’re walking and lean out the car window and jabber with you.”

 “How the heck do you do what you do?”

 “My wife still has the photo of you 2 winters ago dressed like a Tibetan Sherpa walking through 3 foot snow drifts down Hwy 175 – hanging on the fridge! She and my 3 daughters continuously are on my case to find out your secret on this fitness thing! I really need to know what you are doing!! Can you help me?”

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His story starts 87 pounds ago just shortly before the birth of Get Yourself Fit back in 2010. After Les had realized his dramatic changes – physically, mentally and emotionally he just wanted to share it with the world!

No, he did not come up with a secret, a potion or a magic pill. He just took some common information that was and is available to everyone and reassembled it into a working plan.

In this new E-Book of his, Les gives you the plan that will re-direct you down the other road. The road to better health and vitality. Once you improve your health, everything else falls into place.

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Oh, by the way…he lost his 87 pounds in 18 months!

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