A New Beginning

019-2cRWell, here we are…another beautiful day! I can't believe that we have had 2 in a row!! Actually, the weather we get does  not  make a big difference to me. What does bother me is how easy it is to “fall off the wagon” and this applies to anything that a body is striving to improve on.

In my case, I am constantly striving to acquire a higher level of health and fitness. I will do so well for such a great length of time and then I slowly slide back into the same rut I was in when I started any improvements! Aside from repeating to myself that I “need more self-discipline”, there must be something that I am missing.

I'm thinking that one thing that is essential to any self improvement project, is being accountable to someone else as I claw my way out of my recent (last 7 months) rut.

So, who better than my readers and those who follow my blog (that may be in a slump as well). So, I am going to pull my self out of my mess and at least hope that there are one or two other bloggers out there that can also benefit from following my comeback! I look forward to any comments and suggestions that you may throw my way.

This post was quickly thrown together as an intro…be watching as I better define my goals in health and fitness…over the coming weeks.

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