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Les Wallack is an avid walker and hiker and loves morning treks ranging from 6 to 10 miles per day when not blogging! He has enjoyed a 40+ year career as a professional portrait photographer but has now dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle...a blend of a great nutritional diet plan, along with regular exercise and fitness routines. He shares his secrets with you through this web-blog!!

You Wanted Better Health – Now Stick with It!

 You Wanted Better Health – Now Stick with It!

Check Out This Totally Healthy

Breakfast and Snack!!!


When my wife Suzan whipped these up for me it was almost a spiritual experience! Everything included in this recipe is 100% healthy and very tasty. It’s nutritious, filling and very satisfying. They taste great cold or warm and can be taken with you while running errands or trekking through the woods!!

The other thing I love about these little Flavor Bombs is that when you eat them, you don’t have to worry about what’s in them or have to dig out medical journals to read the ingredients before you eat them. If you are like me and have a very limited trust – if any – as I usually don’t in food packaging content labeling, I guarantee that you’ll love these little gems!

What’s in them you say? Here’s how you

can find out…

  • Go to getyourselffit.com,
  • When you get there, click on the link at the top of the page for my blog,
  • Leave a reply after my little “Blurb” about these on my BLOG and be sure to include your e-mail and I will send you the complete instructions and ingredients.

“An Apple a Day…Keeps the Doctor Away” …or Does it?

An Apple a Day…

I grew up listening to that old-adage, saying or expression from little on. Did you as well?

As I was cleaning my e-mail this morning, I ran into an e-mail attempting to write about the pros & cons of taking a daily dose and I found it confusing and misleading to those of us that enjoy taking our daily dose of the “golden elixir” – Apple Cider Vinegar.

All that I have learned and promoted concerning Apple Cider Vinegar I gleaned from the master himself – Paul C Bragg in his Bragg Books that have been published since 1912! Hello …that’s over 100 years!!

The author of this very negative article written for some health magazine continuously kept using expressions like “this benefit has not yet been confirmed by the FDA” or “that particular benefit has not yet received adequate testing to make this assumption”, etc.

I do not think that I got more than half-way through with the magazine article before I had enough of the arrogance that I was feeling over these meaningless words such as “FDA approved” or “adequate testing”. Give me a break!

I seem to remember reading of the use of Apple Cider Vinegar way back in the ancient times… long before Paul C Bragg came along with his natural health facts. I am a firm believer in natural medicine and treating the problem instead of simply trying to control a medical problem. Not to mention hundreds upon hundreds of personal testimonials as to the positive health benefits they have had with the use of ACV!

Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away? – I think it is a definite and positive step in the right direction. I believe 100% in Apple Cider Vinegar taken upon rising each day with 16 ounces of filtered water. Here are only a few of the many benefits of ACV:

  • Helps regulate calcium metabolism
  • Helps keep blood the right consistency
  • Helps control and normalize body weight
  • Helps remove artery plaque, infections and body toxins
  • Helps fight arthritis and helps remove crystals and toxins from joints, tissues, organs and the entire body.

I personally lose on the average of 4 to 7 pounds per week of body fat wit 2 Tablespoons of ACV in 16 ounces of filtered water each morning before breakfast and then use portion control on the volume of food intake. I do not count calories             but count units of carbs and proteins. Also, try and exercise each and every-day as well.

I do not receive any compensation for this. If you want more info…visit: www.brag.com and order your copy of Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Health System. You owe it to yourself!


Get With It NOW!

This is a Hard Body…

The New Year is just around the corner and if you are not already taking care of yourself, or have fallen away from a healthy routine – now is the time to get it re-started!!

To provide you with the “advantage” that will place you in the top 10% of all the other Hardbodies, consider the time of the year as the beginning of the REST of your healthy life!

Consider Winter as the Cleansing Time and the forthcoming Spring the New Birth of the New You. They say it takes only one person to change your life and guess who that is? It's YOU! You are the only person that can do it and here's another secret to ponder – You are the ONLY person in the entire world that really cares about you 1,000% of the time!       

We all go through constant changes throughout our lives. It matters not how goal-oriented or “positive” you are. Today – especially now, with the pressures of the world in general not to mention your own personal world, there are a lot of factors that affect how you feel and these “factors” can cause you to lose your focus on your main objectives.

We tend to lose sight of what it takes to arrive at or simply maintain our health levels and that includes your physical, mental and emotional states of body and mind. We tend to lose sight of the fact that you cannot achieve or maintain success in your physical, mental and emotional areas of your life without a high level of perseverance. You cannot have or maintain success without it.

So, what causes the decline in our personal level of perseverance? It could be a lot of subliminal messages that we are bombarded with from our modern-day society. Just technology alone has a big impact on all of us. And when you blend the high-tech world that we all have become so accustomed to with today’s new-wave marketing techniques…the average person becomes “putty in the hands” of our society!

We are pulled this way and that way buy those marketers competing for your attention to their product or service. We are stretched to our limits until we finally give in and forget about our own self-discipline goal-oriented lifestyle and seek what they offer and follow their recommendations. We are then forced into the sad syndrome mentioned below – in the next paragraph.

Because of this manipulation, most people today still desire to achieve or maintain success (in any area of their life) but, WITHOUT the application of self-discipline! They want to control you. Take a closer look at all the marketing that slaps you in the face 24 hours a day, from TV to Radio, on your Cell Phones, on you Computers and Notebooks and in every area of your life and in thousands of different ways. The new age marketers have not missed a lick, and have you targeted from every form of media possible. And they are constantly finding new forms of “brain blasting” every day!

But “hark”, as the New Year approaches us…we can start anew! As I already stated; Winter is the “cleansing time” and Spring marks the “re-birth” of YOU and an enhanced, strategical plan of action that will enable you to compete with the marketing oriented high-tech society by remembering the 3 “P’s”; Persistence, Perseverance, and Positive Self-Discipline!

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On behalf of all of us at Get Yourself Fit – we would like to wish you a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year and suggest that you look at 2018 as a new start on your goals and health plans.  

I’ll see YOU on the other side of 2017!!

Les Wallack

My Viewpoint and “New Direction”

   The one thing that I would like to convey to you with this website is that I am here to guide and suggest ways that may help you to move ahead in your quest for a happier and healthier life. I am not attempting to force books and products at you. I just want to share little things that I have learned that may be of interest to you and possibly worth trying.

  • Do You want to lose a few pounds?
  • Do you want more energy?
  • Do you want to succeed in any given area? 

   Unfortunately or fortunately, so many of us discover different approaches, new insights and improved methods that are instrumental in combating personal health issues such as Diabetes II and many others –I am sure.

   I have recently been exposed to an individual who I consider being the “real thing”, going on today – when it comes to the fight against Diabetes II as we begin to realize the epidemic proportions of this condition known as the silent killer.

   My newly discovered knowledge of the individual whom I look upon as my own personal Super Hero, (guardian angel if you will) my wife, pointed out to me… an article was written by a holistic Doctor – who truly perked my interest with some very “matter-of-fact” info that made sense to me. This would be an understatement – as it was more like a hard slap in the face!

   His name is Dr. Joseph Mercola and I have – and am proud to say, become a “follower” and true believer of his knowledge, studies and massive accumulation of information, facts, statistics and ancestral details relating to Diabetes II and our controlling and possible elimination of it.

   Why is this so important to me? Well, I have been on medications – many of them since what seems to be the beginning of time! I can’t tell you my exact age I was when I was told that I had a problem and was required to start taking “daily” doses of prescription drugs BUT I do recall being in my mid to late 20’s and was shocked to the point of disbelief – at MY young age to be placed on a prescription drug!

   Back then, a half of century ago, you were told and taught to trust in your doctor as he has the knowledge to make you better – even though you never felt better in the first place! I was still wet behind the ears!! So I began taking a pill a day. Then as the years rolled on, another pill for something else and then another and another and so on.

   Now after 50 years one has to ask himself… do two wrongs make a right? What effect does one pill’s substance – have on another pill’s substance? Was the different so-called health conditions brought about because of this trail and the multi-recipe concoction of medications? Especially learning – as life went on, that the multiple medications are not curing the problem but only controlling it – at best…aside from possibly creating other negative health conditions!

   After searching out ancestral history is has been quite “cut and dry” to learn about the rise and fall of many other civilizations due to various health reasons. It is not unreasonable to feel that our civilization is no different.

   When you think about a man using coal oil for light and then look at the advancement today to electricity that we take for granted. In my time I can look back to the common “telephone booth” on every other corner and today we have  I-phones and recently, with add-on projection systems!! It’s exciting and yet scary at the same time.

   I point this out simply because learning that within our health industry itself, it is not unreasonable to believe that there has got to be a better way. I will not take up the space to list all the rankings of our country when measuring the epidemic proportions of obesity, diabetes, and other various chronic illnesses. Or, the fact that we have the highest cost of health care, compared to other countries or countries that have no health care at all.

   I have heard many times and from many sources that it is simply NOT PROFITABLE having a society of “Healthy” people. There is no money in that. Is this what our world has come to?

   Ironically, there was a Greek physician known as Hippocrates (460 BC – 375 BC) who said or I should say coined the quote; “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” In the modern times of today, there is an author; F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. who wrote the book – “You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty! – Water for Health, for Healing, for Life. This happens to be one of my favorite books in my Health Library that provides a lot of simple truths. Pick up a copy!

   I just listened to Dr. Boyd Eaton in a 3-year-old Video cast, regarding the food consumption of our ancient ancestors and way back then, our ancient ancestors consumed over 500% more Antioxidants than we do today. Most of those came from a diet of fruits and vegetables in a “wild” state. Hmmm!

   Back then our ancient ancestors consumed about 40% to 50% of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Today in the U.S., man consumes only about 13% of fruits and vegetable in his diet and has added grain products to make up for the difference in the lesser quantity of fruits and vegetables. Smart? NO. Lazy – I would say yes. There are a lot of Antioxidants in fruit and veggies that are very beneficial in maintaining an excellent level of health within your body. Replacing fruit and veggies with grains is not to your advantage health-wise.

   I am seeking the means by which to eliminate my Diabetes which I believe that I can do. I guess that by writing about my newest goal helps me to provide myself with a means to be more accountable on my journey toward self-improvement. I am as affected the same as the next person with the automatic act of procrastination and other weaknesses that I must battle to reach my goal. So writing about it puts me on the spot and I hope that you will be encouraged to share your thoughts on this with me because I will need YOUR support!!

   I publish this website – Getyourselffit.com for your health benefits. I would love to hear some of your comments on this subject and this post. Thanks!

All Natural Remedy for Pain and Inflammation

Hello to all of my friends and subscribers…

I would like to introduce a NEW product that I really believe in.  It is an all-natural Pain Reliever!!

It seems like nowadays – more than years past, I tend to overdo it on most of my home maintenance projects or even sitting too long in the office performing publishing work. No matter what creates the pain, I have developed the habit over the past several years to lean more toward natural ingredients! Not only in my food but in most all medications and pain relievers,

I call this latest “find” – “Mother Nature’s Answer for Safely Fighting Pain & Inflammation”… Now, I am not a doctor or scientist nor do I pretend to be. The whole idea behind GetYourselfFit (GYF) is to point you in the direction towards natural remedies that actually will heal the problem and not just “control” the pain. Simply put, if you eliminate the problem, you will also eliminate the pain!

Unlike Aspirin, Ibuprofen and prescription pain medications which may give only temporary relief and do not fix the underlying cause of the problem, the systemic enzymes inside this natural product – work to reduce the inflammation and will promote healing without any side effects. As I said…eliminate the problem and you eliminate the pain!

You can read all about it by clicking here  or click on the picture at the right.>>>>

Using this product and reducing inflammation can have an immediate impact on improved heart health, cancer prevention and recovery, and Alzheimer’s prevention. It also helps speed up recovery from sprains, strains, fractures, bruised, contusions, surgery, and Arthritis.

I do not normally write blog posts on products but after personally using this product, I asked if I could promote it! I was pleased and I hate pain!! I eat mostly all natural food. So, I figured I would try a “natural” pain killer as well!! I can guarantee that I will find a permanent spot on my fitness website for this wonderful product.



P.S. With this Special Introductory Offer – it's FREE. You have nothing to lose except your pain!!

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