Day 2 of 7


It felt very different not to be enjoying my morning coffee as usual and to be toting a gallon of Alkaline water into work with me. I work part-time at a hospital. Perhaps trying to detox while working is not the best idea but to wait for a time that I was not busy might be forever! Never a better time than the present!

Surprisingly, after 14.5 hours on only water and a couple of veggie-juices…I am not feeling too bad. I have had some serious cravings for solid food but my “burning desire” to achieve possibly a single digit Body Fat percent and to be free of Diabetes has a way of enhancing one's will-power. I am guessing that tomorrow could be a bit more difficult….we'll see.

I do feel very tired after being up over 14 hours including an 8 hour work shift mixed in. As day one comes to a close, I feel that treating my system as I have today is totally out of my box.

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