Day 4 of 7

No 4-2Day 4 is being posted a little on the late side. My energy is dwindling and I'm falling behind on a lot of my activities. I'm just moving slower now however….today was special!

I was surprised and elated to find out that I could have 3 scrambled egg whites with my choice of spices on them – for breakfast!! Some food!! I have not been on a real detox before and I never experienced anything like it. You definitely must have a strong will to go without solid food for any length of time. I so enjoyed the egg whites that I felt I should have dressed for the occasion in a Tuxedo!

Thus far, other than becoming friends with one of the smallest rooms in the house, I have been experiencing extreme calf and whole leg cramps each night which I have not encountered before.

With Day 4's dinner, I added a little chicken and some veggies to my scrambled egg whites…then did some relaxing with my “better half” and then ambled up to the computer to get a quick account of the day out for you! See you again tomorrow in my Day 5 Post!!

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