Day 5 of 7

No 5Day 5 actually occurred on Friday, 10-4-13 and I extend my apologies if the daily accounting of this event (my insane detox) may seem a bit mixed up.

I must say that keeping the exact situations as well as the ups and downs of my mood and demeanor stated in a clear and concise format as I submit this old body to this test has been more of a challenge that I thought it would be!

I would say that by now it has been determined that the most difficult part of this is staying focused on the objectives.

First I'm relieved that I can start each day with some egg whites as apposed to JUST water. I do love the juice – don't misunderstand me but it is so very nice to be eating some semi-solid foods!

Today, I visited my favorite Organic Market and picked up some Magnesium tablets to see if that helped with the leg cramping and it has worked very well. When you drastically change your diet you'll notice some things going out of order and you just need to stop, think and refocus on what you need to do and make an adjustment.

To me – the first 3 days have been the worst and then once you start adding some solids it seems ok again.

Day 5 as far as food consumption goes…I am able to add more complex proteins from a list provided by the program I am on. So on Friday evening – instead of my whopping “All You Can Eat” fish fry, I enjoyed some chicken…maybe 3 ounces or so. I am actually feeling more normal again. Does that mean I may be cheating a little too much?

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