Day 6 of 7

No 6

“Clarity” would need to be the word of this day. I did pretty well all day until my wife came home with the grandchildren in the late afternoon. I started the day with a glass of water and a tablespoon of Chia Seeds and then my LemGinCayCin drink. Both are very good in assisting in the digestion process but the hot LemGinCayCin drink also assists in stepping up the metabolism. Then, I enjoyed my breakfast; a small portion of scrambled egg whites with parsley and spinach. Then, for lunch, I had a green juice.

That’s supposed to be followed by a sensible supper…a little cheating took place here. I cheated a bit on my supper but more than that I began to notice how the grandchildren were so seemingly – almost force fed multiple sugar products along with things that are just not 110% healthy to eat. These are the “habits” I am attempting to break for myself. These are things that I used to do as well.

I am not going to get judgmental here but I must say that this is something that makes it really difficult for one to break away from what so many people have come to know as a “normal lifestyle.”

This is where the mind-set and the focus really play a big role in this process. You have to stay strong, stay focused on your objectives; strive not to judge others or to force them to see things your way because they just don’t get it. The change must begin in their minds as it did in mine. This was a major learning process for me and I did falter a bit and I’m admitting it! Other people will follow in their own time – when and if they desire to do so.

So, this was the big test for me and probably the most important part of the observations of this detox process and my own learning experience. This is how one learns – at least how I learn.

I want to free myself of my diabetes and my other deficiencies and if it means cooking for myself or preparing my own food, in the midst of family gatherings – then so be it! Call it personal “tough love”!

There’ll be one more post on this following Day-7. See you then.

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