Day 7 of 7

No 7Day 7 of 7 finally came and went!! Alpha Reset is now complete. Day Seven ended on Sunday, October 6, 2013 and when all was said and done…I feel a whole lot better than when I started the Alpha.

I have never eaten Egg Whites before and I find that I enjoy them pretty much now¬†but, my favorite are still whole eggs. I do have a “lighter feeling” about me from the cleanse and I don't mean weight-wise although I did lose some weight. I feel new like a shiny penny instead of old and tarnished. That's the best way I can describe the feeling. My body thanks me!!

Since starting the Alpha Reset, I have decided to completely eliminate eating anything white. That means sugar, flour, most breads, etc. Also anything with Gluten in it and the list goes on. My diet from here on out will be raw veggies – for the most part, mostly organic¬†along with an occasional “spoil myself” day.

My total net-weight loss over the course of the 7-Day Alpha Reset has been 8.8 pounds and 4.5″ off of my belly and 3% off of my BMI (% of body fat)! So it was very worth while for me and has allowed me to re-focus my thinking on the proper maintenance I must strive for during 2013 and 2014.

If you want a new start on your life, a new lease on life, a new beginning and are serious about repairing your physical conditionjust drop me a reply and I'll help you any way I can. And, as my friend Drew keeps saying…”We're in this together.”

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