Do You Have A Sweet Tooth?


Sugar in sodaIn my recent research, I have discovered that the average American will consume about 170 POUNDS of sugar per year. This was from information I've learned from the USDA. (As little as a hundred years ago the average American consumed only four pounds per person per year!) I believe – that the love of sugar is not worth suffering and dying for. I have uncovered a statement that Historians believe that the fall of the Roman Empire was hastened by lead consumption. They used lead in everything from facial powder to eating utensils and plumbing. Some theorized that the amount of exposure to the lead caused widespread physical and mental health issues as well and eventually brought the empire to its knees.

Dr. Stephan Ripich ND, CNP in his book, The 30 Day Diabetes Cure, stated; “I believe sugar poisoning is the 21st century equivalent that could very well cause modern Western culture to crumble.” Just look at the obesity in our country alone and how it is racing along at epidemic proportions!

And no, it’s not just from munching on candy bars. This sugar “High” is taken into your body by consuming everything from so-called health bars to pizza crust and I won’t even mention soft drinks and the so called HEALTHY “concentrated” fruit juices. Plus there is an unending list of hundreds of toxic items in between! And, it’s also been said that breaking its deadly grip can be just as difficult as a person on cocaine trying to rid him-self or her-self from that deadly poison! It’s been said that “sugar is the cocaine of the food industry” by many in the battle for wellness – when consumed in the quantities that we Americans do today.

The solution to ridding your body of this “killer poison” goes far beyond just reading the food labeling before you drop any grocery item into your shopping cart or doing some exercising occasionally. You have to stop eating the toxins and poisons. This is repeated over and over again to me by my number one wellness and nutritional mentor. First, you need to get serious about getting healthy and then educate yourself because I can assure you that no one in command of the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry is going to care about you other than how many medications they can sell you or how many sugary treats they can offer you. There is no profit to the pharmaceutical industry if you are constantly striving to be healthy or remain a healthy person!

We need to focus on the food that we eat, plus the exercises that we participate in and start looking in the direction of developing a “burning desire” to repair our damaged bodies with unhealthy food products. I have not even got into the latest problem that we are all facing known as “GMF”; the Genetic Modification of food products and yet another biggie – our problem with  “Dehydration”. Both of these areas greatly affect our wellness. And, both are kind of hidden in the weeds and kept from the masses.

What are your thoughts on the topic of 170 pounds of sugar being consumed by the average American per Year?


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