Do YOU Really Give a Damn?

019-2cRNow, before I begin my rants…let me point out that I am a very positive kind of person. In fact one of the most favorite items that I collect is “positive motivation quotes!!” I always find a good use for them. I use them in my newsletters, web-sites and sometimes even verbally to close friends or someone who is a bit down.

What I am about to say is about our society and our declining level of morality or I might say “our intelligence level.” Ok Les…get to the point!

Let’s start with the basics. When you are driving to work in the morning and you and the rest of the “working world” and whoever else just got stuck in the crowd – are all in a little bit of a hurry and you find yourselves exceeding the speed limit (some more than others). Does anyone care?

When the driver in in the next lane over decides to quickly, without any thought… pull in front of you and cuts you off while traveling at a high rate of speed (75 to 85 mph)…does that show that they really care? How about driving 10 miles per hour under the speed limit in a no passing zone while in front of you?…Do they really care? Or, not dimming their lights when they are glaring right into your eyes? Do they care?

What about the increasing number of young people that feel that they have to rely on drugs, pills, narcotics, alcohol or tobacco products because they think it makes them feel better? Do they REALLY care?

What about those who have lost or never had any spiritual or moral values? Do they care?

All you have to do is take a good look around; at work, on your way to work, while you’re out for dinner, at the museum, at a bus stop and you’ll notice that there is something missing. Try purchasing something on the internet and you’ll undoubtedly run into a situation occasionally that the seller really doesn’t give a darn about YOU and you get the feeling that the seller only cares about his or her profits. I did say occasionally.  This will also happen in your favorite mall as well as your favorite Mom & Pop type of Brick & Mortar business as well including your local cinema!! (I just experienced that).

Now take a moment and apply this to your own personal level of health and fitness. Do you have goals?

Do you have a strategic plan of action? I put my plans together prior to the beginning of 2010 and I’m still working on mine and will be until the end of my existence. Are you ready to begin your health planning?

I have Diabetes Type II and I want it gone! Is that possible? It depends on who I talk to about it. Some say it’s possible, some say it’s not and most others just don’t have any idea. Do they care? I would guess not. Why should they?

I thought of this post this morning on my 2 mile fast paced “Wake up Walk.” It was slightly below freezing as I passed our local bakery that was quite busy at around 7 AM with customers going in and out of the door with giant boxes loaded with those yummy, sugar coated, scrumptious and warm, custard filled doughnuts! Tell me…do they care why they are over-weight or obese? Do they even think about it? Do they care what the sugar does to their heart, pancreas, arteries and their longevity?

Now, let me ask you…do you care about YOUR life? How about your family’s lives? Is it immoral or wrong to want to be  around as long as you can, have your family around as long as they can be and together enjoy each other every day for as long as possible, in a state of great health? Do you feel that you can achieve this objective by filling yourself up with boxes full of doughnuts, drinking alcohol, and smoking – not exercising and not watching your nutritional intake?

Let me put it this way…I am far from being the total picture of great health but I have improved my level of fitness, and my nutritional choices are far beyond what I could have ever imagined and because of all this I hope to free myself of Diabetes Type II!

To me, this is worth fighting for… My family – is my life, and is worth staying healthy for, as well as maintaining and continually improving my levels of fitness and nutrition. How about you? Do you want to be “that picture of health” or the pudgy guy or gal that I saw ambling out of the bakery shop with a giant box of doughnuts? Do you keep telling yourself that there is always tomorrow!

How much do YOU care?

I’ve saved the best for last! I could not have arrived at where I am right now or even have the incentive to reach higher without the help of these four people. I call them “My Fantastic Four.” I strongly recommend that you check out their programs. I have used these programs and they work. I would not recommend anything or anyone that I have not tried myself. The super-fantastic programs featured by these four individuals, work dramatically well and the four people that developed them are – in my opinion – Specialists in their fields. Check Them Out:

Isabel De Los Rios

Yuri Elkaim

Christopher Guerriero

Mike Geary

I’ve tried literally dozens of different programs or plans before I found these “4 Golden Nuggets” and if you are serious about living a long healthy life or want to “Live Long and Prosper” as my favorite Sci-Fi  character Spock often says…you need to get these into your hands today…not tomorrow BUT NOW!

There is no magic to the contents of these programs.  All of them took lots of time, study and perfecting to make them the leaders in this way-oversaturated field of health & wellness. I have spent the better part of 10 years researching one product after another before I finally found these gems.

There is one more thing you MUST understand…it will take a lot of your own will-power and self-discipline to go the full journeyAre you ready for a wild ride? How much do you REALLY CARE?

To your great health,

Les Wallack

4 thoughts on “Do YOU Really Give a Damn?

  1. Interesting post, Les – I have to say, I love a good rant! I like the way you’ve pulled together the many different ways in which we demonstrate the extent to which we do or do not “care” about ourselves, our loved ones and the world at large. When people are driving, I think the caring often goes out of the window because we’re locked in our little boxes, zooming along oblivious to the people in the other vehicles, tending to forget that they’re “people” at all – they’re just obstacles in our way, an irritation. I think people might drive with a little more care if they could touch and feel and look into the eyes of the people in the other cars they’re busy carving up.

    I do care a great deal about my health – I’m fortunate to have enjoyed pretty good health for most of my life, and I try to look after it by exercising and eating a sensible diet.

    Thanks, though, for this prompt to stop and think – I’m sure we all often treat ourselves, other people and the world around us in a careless way, and it’s good to take time out to pause and reflect on the consequences of our actions.
    Susan Neal recently posted…A Blog Commenting Problem – Can You Help?My Profile

  2. Hey Les,

    I think everyone deserves a rant every now and then. Just take a look around at all the people who don’t care about themselves or their surroundings and it’s hard to take in at times.

    I constantly shake my head at these people and sometimes I wonder why. I don’t know everyone’s story and there are some people who have a horrible one but the one thing I do know without a shadow of a doubt is that you can change if you truly want to. Anyone can.

    I care about my health and my weight but I’m also not overweight. I care about those around me too which is why I try to help people when I can.

    I hope with the holidays coming up and those that need an excuse to get started like a new year will consider just how important their lives are and start truly caring.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Social MediaMy Profile

  3. Thanks Adrienne…

    I guess it was a rant and I do feel better so I guess it served a purpose. I try to stay as positive and optimistic as possible but the world does leave me scratching my head sometimes. I guess it’s important to remember that… “It’s not what happened BUT how you REACT to what happened!” Thanks for your comment.
    Les Wallack recently posted…Do YOU Really Give a Damn?My Profile

  4. Thanks Susan…

    Wow!! I wish I could publish your comment to the world – especially the other “Drivers!” Your words were right on the money. I guess I did not think of each other driver as an individual – same as me and yes they each have their own head-full of thoughts, cares emotions and feelings. Also, I did not think about the fact that as we drive in our “little boxes” that we are all pretty much affixed on ourselves and our day and our own problems! I’m glad that the post caused the “stop and think” function to kick in. I enjoyed your reply tremendously!

    Les Wallack recently posted…Do YOU Really Give a Damn?My Profile

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