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winding_roadI am hoping that you will be following my Journey as I will attempt to FREE MYSELF from Diabetes over the next 30 to 90 days! Also, I want to get myself off of a mountain of medications as I hopefully will prove that by enhancing my nutritional intake and put myself on a strict exercise program and most important, start out with a 7 day detox that will remove a ton of toxins from my body! This in turn will lay the groundwork for my total body and health make-over!

Day-1 September 30, 2013; will start tomorrow. Tonight, I will prepare a gallon of water for my hydration. The water will contain some Pink Himalayan Salt and a Lemon and will sit over night and become very Alkaline. All I intend to consume on Day-1 is water and 8 to 10 cups of vegetable juice.

Be sure to watch my blog for my results and reaction to the first day of what is called the Alpha Reset!! Wish me luck!!

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