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This is a Hard Body…

The New Year is just around the corner and if you are not already taking care of yourself, or have fallen away from a healthy routine – now is the time to get it re-started!!

To provide you with the “advantage” that will place you in the top 10% of all the other Hardbodies, consider the time of the year as the beginning of the REST of your healthy life!

Consider Winter as the Cleansing Time and the forthcoming Spring the New Birth of the New You. They say it takes only one person to change your life and guess who that is? It's YOU! You are the only person that can do it and here's another secret to ponder – You are the ONLY person in the entire world that really cares about you 1,000% of the time!       

We all go through constant changes throughout our lives. It matters not how goal-oriented or “positive” you are. Today – especially now, with the pressures of the world in general not to mention your own personal world, there are a lot of factors that affect how you feel and these “factors” can cause you to lose your focus on your main objectives.

We tend to lose sight of what it takes to arrive at or simply maintain our health levels and that includes your physical, mental and emotional states of body and mind. We tend to lose sight of the fact that you cannot achieve or maintain success in your physical, mental and emotional areas of your life without a high level of perseverance. You cannot have or maintain success without it.

So, what causes the decline in our personal level of perseverance? It could be a lot of subliminal messages that we are bombarded with from our modern-day society. Just technology alone has a big impact on all of us. And when you blend the high-tech world that we all have become so accustomed to with today’s new-wave marketing techniques…the average person becomes “putty in the hands” of our society!

We are pulled this way and that way buy those marketers competing for your attention to their product or service. We are stretched to our limits until we finally give in and forget about our own self-discipline goal-oriented lifestyle and seek what they offer and follow their recommendations. We are then forced into the sad syndrome mentioned below – in the next paragraph.

Because of this manipulation, most people today still desire to achieve or maintain success (in any area of their life) but, WITHOUT the application of self-discipline! They want to control you. Take a closer look at all the marketing that slaps you in the face 24 hours a day, from TV to Radio, on your Cell Phones, on you Computers and Notebooks and in every area of your life and in thousands of different ways. The new age marketers have not missed a lick, and have you targeted from every form of media possible. And they are constantly finding new forms of “brain blasting” every day!

But “hark”, as the New Year approaches us…we can start anew! As I already stated; Winter is the “cleansing time” and Spring marks the “re-birth” of YOU and an enhanced, strategical plan of action that will enable you to compete with the marketing oriented high-tech society by remembering the 3 “P’s”; Persistence, Perseverance, and Positive Self-Discipline!

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On behalf of all of us at Get Yourself Fit – we would like to wish you a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year and suggest that you look at 2018 as a new start on your goals and health plans.  

I’ll see YOU on the other side of 2017!!

Les Wallack

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