A Tale from the Darker Side…

A Tale From The Dark Side-R

By Les Wallack

I have tried many things throughout my life and the many tried and failed attempts over the years – I have found – can oftentimes cloud your reality.

What does it take to wake you up?

There is that old statement or quote as described as the definition of insanity that goes something like this:

“Insanity is, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time”.

But we all know, should know or at least have heard…is that; “to bring about change in your life, you have to change yourself first”. The originator of that statement may have been Napoleon Hill but I’m not sure. (If you happen to know where that statement originated from, do let me know).

The point is this. I like to think of myself as a positive individual that is goal orientated. It is a bit painful to wake up one day and find out that what you think about yourself may not be all that true – after all! It is so very important that we realize just how our minds play a role in our lives. Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy and I have found – throughout life – that there are many people, whether by their own unconscious thought or by some illness, that one becomes convinced that the feedback he or she is getting from his conscious mind is correct.

I agree and always have that the human mind is an unnumbered “wonder of the world” and if used correctly, can and will make you or break you in your endeavors – whatever they may be.

I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist nor do I pretend to be but, I am convinced that the human mind is at the root of all that we do in our lives. I am also convinced that the “subjective” part of our brain or sub-conscious part of our mind is oftentimes ignored or at least is incorrectly interpreted.

It has been my observation that when you do receive a “subjective thought” upon awakening, and you begin to analyze it – it is vital that you must match that thought up with one or more of your current objectives in your life.

In an effort to help anyone else out of the “Gerbil on the wheel” syndrome that I have been dealing with, I would like to share my “Ah Ha” moment from this morning with you…that has compelled me to write this post.

Since 2009, I have been searching (and maybe even before that) for a means of total self-improvement and I’m talking about in ALL seven areas of my life and I have come so close to finding the “golden ring” so many times – but never all the way. If I achieve what I am attempting to achieve currently, you can count on the fact that I will be releasing a book that will go into details on the whole experience.

But this morning’s reality check that slapped me in the face and REALLY woke me up actually blew my mind. I thought of the old V-8 juice commercial where the person in the ad slaps himself on the forehead or a cartoon where it shows a light bulb going on!

In my first efforts of “losing a few pounds” and after studying what seemed to be hundreds of solid programs, diets, nutritional info and the like, I amassed a huge library on the subject and ended up spending thousands of dollars looking for the “Golden Ring”, the perfect plan or correct combination of programs to lose the fat. I finally narrowed down the best of the best and that along with other acquired information assisted me to lose a total of 87 pounds in 18 months! (No – I’m not attempting to sell anyone anything!) Even my own medical doctor said to me…”Les, I hear the same thing from so many patients about themselves but finally YOU actually did something about it”!

That was then and I forgot to mention one of the underlying reasons for the whole lifestyle change. I was diagnosed having the dreaded silent killer Type II Diabetes and even after losing the 87 pounds – although there was an improvement in my body chemistry I still did not eliminate the problem of having to take those dreaded statin drugs (medically prescribed). Yes my blood numbers and body stats looked good and were improving but I was still on those darn pills.

Another Hurdle…

I don’t want to get off the track too far but, January is a bad month for me in that we call it “Birthday Month” and we have 7 to 10 birthdays to celebrate in 31 days and keep in mind that January follows Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s festivities as well. I know, I know…all the experts say…”that’s okay, you just have to maintain control”.  Yeah Right!

Now back to the present time…

So here I am, working out at the gym now 6 or 7 days a week and weighing each and every scrap of food that I am putting into my body as a meal and investing more money on more programs and information. I even moved my first medical appointments of 2016 out another month to give me a little more time to get into better shape!

Here is my Ah Ha momentWhen I got up this morning after spending weeks writing new notes, designing new plans, purchasing more diets, I decided to pull out my “OLD” notes and “work out guides” and then I slapped myself on the forehead. I then saw the light! I already had the answers and the picture was right in front of me! My intention over the past 5 years has been to rid myself of my Type II Diabetes – and with all of the best laid plans…I did not follow my plan of action. Instead, I kept looking for some different solution. Always stay FOCUSED!

So, remember this….

  1. Never expect to keep doing the same thing and expect different results.
  2. Have a definite “objective” in mind and keep it in sharp focus!
  3. Think and layout a definite “plan of action”; dates, times, people you must contact, etc.
  4. Follow the information that you have already discovered that works for you. Keep FOCUSED!

And, remember thisin this day in age it would be rare to find that someone has built a “better mouse trap” than the one you have been using successfully before. Stop and THINK before investing in additional information at additional expense to accomplish what you have successfully discovered before. Instead, look deeply into your objective and think about how you can and will improve it and then FOLLOW IT!

Please let me know what your thoughts are on this post.



Do You Have A Sweet Tooth?


Sugar in sodaIn my recent research, I have discovered that the average American will consume about 170 POUNDS of sugar per year. This was from information I've learned from the USDA. (As little as a hundred years ago the average American consumed only four pounds per person per year!) I believe – that the love of sugar is not worth suffering and dying for. I have uncovered a statement that Historians believe that the fall of the Roman Empire was hastened by lead consumption. They used lead in everything from facial powder to eating utensils and plumbing. Some theorized that the amount of exposure to the lead caused widespread physical and mental health issues as well and eventually brought the empire to its knees.

Dr. Stephan Ripich ND, CNP in his book, The 30 Day Diabetes Cure, stated; “I believe sugar poisoning is the 21st century equivalent that could very well cause modern Western culture to crumble.” Just look at the obesity in our country alone and how it is racing along at epidemic proportions!

And no, it’s not just from munching on candy bars. This sugar “High” is taken into your body by consuming everything from so-called health bars to pizza crust and I won’t even mention soft drinks and the so called HEALTHY “concentrated” fruit juices. Plus there is an unending list of hundreds of toxic items in between! And, it’s also been said that breaking its deadly grip can be just as difficult as a person on cocaine trying to rid him-self or her-self from that deadly poison! It’s been said that “sugar is the cocaine of the food industry” by many in the battle for wellness – when consumed in the quantities that we Americans do today.

The solution to ridding your body of this “killer poison” goes far beyond just reading the food labeling before you drop any grocery item into your shopping cart or doing some exercising occasionally. You have to stop eating the toxins and poisons. This is repeated over and over again to me by my number one wellness and nutritional mentor. First, you need to get serious about getting healthy and then educate yourself because I can assure you that no one in command of the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry is going to care about you other than how many medications they can sell you or how many sugary treats they can offer you. There is no profit to the pharmaceutical industry if you are constantly striving to be healthy or remain a healthy person!

We need to focus on the food that we eat, plus the exercises that we participate in and start looking in the direction of developing a “burning desire” to repair our damaged bodies with unhealthy food products. I have not even got into the latest problem that we are all facing known as “GMF”; the Genetic Modification of food products and yet another biggie – our problem with  “Dehydration”. Both of these areas greatly affect our wellness. And, both are kind of hidden in the weeds and kept from the masses.

What are your thoughts on the topic of 170 pounds of sugar being consumed by the average American per Year?


Why Does The USA Rank #2 In Obesity In The World? (Part 1)

Definitely Obese

Definitely Obese

First – this is not my “before” photo!

I recently heard that the USA dropped from ranking number one in the world to number two in obesity which indicates either an improvement or that someone else wanted to be number 1!

Well, #2 is better than being on the top of the list!  It is really hard to give a complete, simple explanation as there are so many different factors to consider.

I personally think that once anyone reaches the level of obesity as the fellow in the photo accompanying this post, one begins to “simply not care anymore.” If they did care, you would not see them living the “obesity lifestyle” on a continued basis. Still eating the same way and not doing any exercises or physical activities to correct this problem.

I work part-time in a hospital and have for almost 10 years and over that last decade I have noticed that everything is becoming “Supersized”…from beds, to wheel chairs to doorway widths. What if they made the wheelchairs smaller and the entranceways smaller? Would that not force the people suffering from obesity to realize that they have a problem?

I'm not trying to be tongue and cheek here…I'm just curious as to why so many that I have observed seem to appear so much like they simply accept this condition and do not feel that it's time to change something in their lives.

There are numerous factors that cause obesity. 2/3 of all Americans are overweight and 30% are severe or obese. In fact 1 out of every 5 children in our country are obese. What is that saying? It has been in epidemic proportions for some time now.

What Are the Underlying Causes of Obesity?

It could be genes, behavior, metabolism, culture, environment or even socioeconomic status. It is definitely a complicated health problem. Yes – eating and exercise along with calories in and calories out is a good place to start.

The basic cause of weight gain or loss is an energy imbalance. If you consume the
same amount of calories that you burn, you will see no weight change. If you
consume less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. And finally, if you
consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. The bigger this
imbalance is, the bigger you will be!

More reasons for obesity include (but are not limited to) – slow or even dysfunctional metabolism, a food allergy – perhaps they are addicted to refined sugar, certain genetic diseases and even drugs can cause obesity too.

So, it's not just eating too much of the wrong kind of foods…it can be caused from a number of things.

Can It Be Controlled?

I am not a doctor or nutritionist but I think that most conditions can be controlled and it starts with a good and complete physical exam and professional medical advice from a skinny doctor! Then, learn how to read food labels – very important.

There is a lot more to obesity than meets the eye and also much more than I can fit into a 500 word post. I will do a follow up to this post in a few days with some more ideas and solutions. In the meantime…I would sincerely love to hear from YOU on this topic so please drop me a post!


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How to Eat For Health

Let me ask you this, did you know that your body is tirelessly scrubbing every molecule which enters it and removing the excess and the harmful toxins…whatever they are… during your normal body excretions.

No matter… if it’s the air that you breath, the water that you drink or the food that you eat. The whole concept of detoxification is a very natural process that the body handles itself.

I agree that there are processes that you can use that will assist in detoxing, foods that you can eat that will assist and help with detoxification but keep in mind that detoxing is a NATURAL PROCESS that will happen constantly whether you want it or not. It comes with your package.

It is a “Natural Law” just like gravity. If you step off of the roof of a 10 story building in New York, Seattle or Miami…you will still fall to the ground with a “splat”. It does not matter what geographic location you choose for a jump. We don’t even have to understand Gravitational Acceleration – you are still going to fall and go splat.

Detoxing is the same. It’s built in to each one of us. There is so much trickery out there today. There is a product made that has a sticky plaster adhesive that will adhere to the bottoms of your feet at night that is supposed to detox you while you sleep! It is white when you put it on and a dirty brown when you take it off upon awakening. You can even put it on your little Barbie Doll and it will go on white and come off brown in the morning! How about that – a detoxed toy doll!

You can’t believe EVERYTHING that is out there. This trickery has been going on for centuries!

Definitely Obese

You are OBESE…You need to detox! NO – You need to understand how to eat, what to eat, what not to eat and when to eat! Add to that some exercise and some self-determination and you’ll be on your way to a fitter you! Want a FREE Report that will get you started…CLICK HERE.

How Dangerous Is Belly Fat

How Dangerous Is Belly Fat

All you need to do is take a stroll downtown or at your favorite mall or even just your local grocery store and you will observe that the majority of the people that you will see will be walking around with a huge excess amount of belly fat.

Perhaps you may not be aware of the fact that belly fat can be a serious health danger.

Here is a fact: belly fat is THE most dangerous type of fat there is! It is possible that it will increase your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even cancer.

Belly fat, the fat around your middle (male or female) other-wise known as subcutaneous fat signals a major problem. As it increases and your weight goes up, it’s been proven that your visceral fat also increases.

Visceral or “deep” fat wraps around the inner organs and spells trouble for your health. This “deep” fat is what causes the problems and diseases.

If you care about the quality of your life and your loved ones (and as a regular reader of Get Yourself Fit, Get Yourself Fit Now and Get Yourself Fit Today, I know you do), reducing your abdominal fat should be one of your TOP priorities!

You’ll need three things to rid yourself of this problem: the two most logical are listed   below but the 3rd ingredient is self-determination and proper goal setting.

So How Do You Rid Yourself of Extra Abdominal Fat?

The first thing to understand is that there is absolutely NO quick fix solution.

You won’t find help by using pills or supplements that claim will they help you lose your abdominal fat fast.

Also, forget about gimmicky ab rockers, rollers, or ab belts that claim they will get rid of abdominal fat as well.

And you can’t “spot reduce” your stomach fat by using any of these useless contraptions. It just doesn’t work that way in the “real world.”

The correct and I will say – ideal solution to reducing or eliminating your abdominal fat and keeping it off for good… is to combine a sound, nutritious diet full of unprocessed natural foods with a properly-designed strategic exercise program that stimulates the necessary hormonal and metabolic responses within your body.

Both your food intake and your training program are important if you’re going to get this done right.

Now, I will provide you with an automatic starting point for the healthy nutritional foods you should eat and just as important…what you should NOT eat! Then, I’ll suggest a starting point for getting physical…while you eat right.

Now, there is a bit more that I will share with you concerning Item #3 mentioned above. This is some info on how to set your fat loss goals. I am just about ready to release my Fast Fat Loss Goals Program that will be ready soon. We have had so many asking for it. For now, focus on the food and the workouts and keep watching my site for the Goals Book release.

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