Happy Thanksgiving!

No advertising, no health tips (except don't overeat!)….I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for follThanksgiving2owing our blog and to extend a reminder of the feelings and thoughts we should carry with us today.

Today is  a day to just sit back and ponder over all of the things that we have to be greatful for and should be greatful for and I'm not referring to material items such as high-tech toys or big fancy homes and cars. 

I'm talking about the stuff we do not talk about every day to everyone. Things like being thankful for:

  • Those in the military, men and women alike who are not home with their families today enjoying turkey and pumplin pie but stationed in a foreign land fighting for and protecting our country from the injustices of the world. Protecting us from those lost soles who have no value of life and the lives of others.
  • Those who have given their lives in countless wars and battles so that we can enjoy our freedom.
  • Also, the local heros such as our law enforcing police officers who are so abused constantly by the ignorant people in our society as they, the cops continue to serve and protect us.
  • Our firefighters who dedicate thier lives to save ours.
  • Our children, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands and grandparents for being there for us as well as each – in there own way – striving to be someone of value during thier time on this earth. The appreciation that we really have for the ones we love is so overlooked so often. 
  • Our freedom of speech, and religous beliefs as well as the freedom to do and be anything that we want to be.

So, set today aside and enjoy those who you love and those who love you and care for you and put the other 364 days of the year out of your mind. Take a moment to help someone in need today and be happy that we have the freedom to be able to enjoy this Thanksgiving day.

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