How to Eat For Health

Let me ask you this, did you know that your body is tirelessly scrubbing every molecule which enters it and removing the excess and the harmful toxins…whatever they are… during your normal body excretions.

No matter… if it’s the air that you breath, the water that you drink or the food that you eat. The whole concept of detoxification is a very natural process that the body handles itself.

I agree that there are processes that you can use that will assist in detoxing, foods that you can eat that will assist and help with detoxification but keep in mind that detoxing is a NATURAL PROCESS that will happen constantly whether you want it or not. It comes with your package.

It is a “Natural Law” just like gravity. If you step off of the roof of a 10 story building in New York, Seattle or Miami…you will still fall to the ground with a “splat”. It does not matter what geographic location you choose for a jump. We don’t even have to understand Gravitational Acceleration – you are still going to fall and go splat.

Detoxing is the same. It’s built in to each one of us. There is so much trickery out there today. There is a product made that has a sticky plaster adhesive that will adhere to the bottoms of your feet at night that is supposed to detox you while you sleep! It is white when you put it on and a dirty brown when you take it off upon awakening. You can even put it on your little Barbie Doll and it will go on white and come off brown in the morning! How about that – a detoxed toy doll!

You can’t believe EVERYTHING that is out there. This trickery has been going on for centuries!

Definitely Obese

You are OBESE…You need to detox! NO – You need to understand how to eat, what to eat, what not to eat and when to eat! Add to that some exercise and some self-determination and you’ll be on your way to a fitter you! Want a FREE Report that will get you started…CLICK HERE.

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