I Have the Solution to Healthy Weight Loss That Keeps it Off!

Les19-2cGood morning, afternoon or evening – to all visiting my web site/blog all about developing a healthy lifestyle and becoming extremely healthy. It all starts with a plan for losing the unwanted weight in a timely fashion.

I was very fortunate a few years back to have discoveredsolution to my weight or belly fat problem. I was more than fortunate…I was excited over it! So excited, that I was compelled to start not only the  web site you are looking at, but also, we are now experimenting with various techniques of producing an informative “newsletter” to keep our loyal followers up to date on any new changes. How does a Special Report sound? A newsletter sounds so 70’s!!

I do not want to brag and I’m not …I simply want you to know how effective my diet efforts – along with my new exercise program has been for me. I started on my fitness journey on January 1, 2010 and by the end of 2011 (that’s 24 months) my total weight loss was 84 pounds! That’s only 3.5 pounds per month!! Not Bad!!!

If you have the desire to do the same, a little less or a little more…I invite you to join me on my journey to improved health and fitness. I have not felt this good in years but I’m not all about me. I have this new web site because I have a burning desire to help YOU do the same. Are you ready for this?

Are you looking for the very best diet plan, the best weight loss program or a diet for quick weight loss that is safe and completely healthy for you? What I am suggesting is all of these!! Your gender does not matter. It works equally well for both males and females. CHECK THIS OUT and I just know that you’ll be as impressed as I was!

The program that I am introducing you to – in my opinion will greatly exceed your expectations in no time at all. When I began using it, it was offered under a different name and since has expanded and has undergone numerous improvements and basically can now be defined as more of a “lifestyle” than a diet program.

When I participated with it I was so excited over it and talked about it in such depth that everyone I came into contact with thought that the developer of this unique program was my own sister! She is not but if you would have heard me going on and on – you would have thought so too!

Let me say this….by following the basic ideas, backed up with my burning desire to succeed, I was able to make 87 pounds disappear within 18 to 24 months! That’s about 3.5 pounds a month! All I did was follow the instructions to the “T”. Can you do that? How much do you want to lose? All I wanted to lose was 60 pounds but I felt so great I just kept on going. Not to mention the constant compliments

I have tried so many diets, plans  and other programs PRIOR to finding this Oasis in the Desert that if I listed all of them …you would not believe it!

Important Note: Always remember that before you embark on any type of activity or dietary changes that it is advised and necessary that you check with your own personal physician or health care professional and get his or her okay

.I know I did! I could just imagine my doctors thoughts, I imagined my doctor chuckling as he looked at me. I felt like the Pillsbury Doughboy when I verbalized what I planned to do. My self-esteem was at maybe a “0” on a good day.

Now…please don’t misunderstand me. I consider my doctor to be one of the greatest persons on earth and I have a lot of respect for him. I just need to point out that when you lose a pile of weight, a lot changes will occur – including your self-esteem!

After the first 12 months at one of my many exams…my doctor said:

“…Les, as your doctor, I hear so often about the many goals my patients set for themselves but…I’m just NOT USED TO SEEING SOMEONE STICK TO THE PLAN AND ACTUALLY DO IT like you have done – WOW!”

Would you like to drop some weight, become a little fitter? I urge you to check this Oasis in a Desert out today – right now while I have captured your interest. Also, if you have a healthy recipe or two that you would like to share…please submit them if you would. It could be a salad, a main course or a desert.

THIS BLOGGERS GUARANTEE TO YOU…I am writing about a “diamond in the rough”, an “8th Wonder of the World”. I have found a solution to dumping my own un-needed extra fat while improving my own self-image and self-esteem. I am dedicated to encouraging you to a much more improved lifestyle and fitter you. I would never mention a product or a solution to anyone unless I have NOT ONLY TRIED IT myself but also PROVEN it to myself. I am very selective in who I work with when it comes to improving my body. I urge you to check out my offering today and bring your friends on board as well!! It took me a very long time and a tone of trials and errors before I found the correct combinations to meet my needs. Your benefit is this: everything I offer you is always guaranteed, personally tested by me and proven on myself.

I also appreciate hearing from you and I am here to answer your questions.

To your health,


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