I Lost 80 Pounds!

This site and blog is dedicated to helping you to improve your health, lose the extra body fat and enjoy life to its fullest!

Doesn’t that sound easy and fun? It’s not easy but it is fun – especially seeing your transition begin to happen. That’s when you’ll say….”I’m so happy that I decided to go this way”!

I could flood this page with dramatic “Before” and “After” images of myself or several of my clients who have taken advantage of the information I’m offering. But why do what everyone else does? I’m not a copycat and my programs work! To me, that’s insulting your intelligence and that’s not what I’m about.

I used to be what I called, a “Snorky-Pork”…a polite way of calling myself a chubby pig to put it mildly. I was tired with the way I looked and the way I felt! On December 31, 2009…just before thinking about writing out some New Year’s Resolutions is when it hit me. I’m talking about the solution to my problem. My full story will be available soon in an upcoming e-book or Special Report. (give me a break…I’m new at this!)

What you’ll find in this web site and blog are all of the tools I selected to accomplish my goals. I was able to lose over 80 pounds in around 15 months!

The tools and recommendations that I suggest here on this site are all tested and proven by myself. The contents of this website are the results of hundreds upon hundreds of hours of searching and hundreds upon hundreds of dollars invested in tons of products that I found to be worthless. The cream of the crop is HERE for you!

I also will be including shortcuts and tips on how I kept myself motivated and kept my self-determination on the constant rise. As I rebuild this site, you will get all the info… in the order that I found it, to drop my 80 pounds BUT without the trash, junk programs, extra hours of research and wasted money!

In other words…the products and procedures that I’ll recommend will ultimately lead you down the road of Health Success!

So, here we go. You are on our Home Page…

   The “Home” Page is actually my Blog and the next tab entitled “The Diet Solution Program” is where I suggest you start your Journey. (Only if you are looking for a nutritional program that really works great). Read my testimonial, give some consideration to owning the programnow the leading program in our country, and then join me on the road to great health.

To your health,

Les Wallack

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One thought on “I Lost 80 Pounds!

  1. Hi Les,

    First off I must say congratulations on losing 80 pounds. That in itself is such an accomplishment. I applaud you in making that decision and sticking with it. So many people have good intentions and the moment it gets too hard they quit. Bravo.

    I know it all starts with the way we think so I’ll enjoy reading what you’ll be sharing with us here about your own personal journey. I can relate so much more when I “know” someone who has accomplished this feat.

    Thank you for sharing this with us and again, congratulations on your accomplishment.


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