I Want To Live….

It takes is Motivation, Will Power, Self Determination, a Destination and a Plan!

It takes Motivation, Will Power, Self Determination, a Destination and a Plan!

I’m almost positive that I could not roll the boulder that’s pictured next to my text up a sand dune. But in reality I think that most of us have the capability to do almost anything that we put our minds to if we wanted it bad enough or NEEDED it bad enough! I just thought it was a neat image for this article!!

All the way through our lives, we as humans – for the most part, have similar needs, wants, desires and some of us even have one or more sets of goals pointed toward those achievements. Our needs, wants and desires may vary slightly by intensity or size. The differences can be subtle or dramatic. Some wants, goals or desires can vary in so many ways but they still exist.

The world today has changed so much over the last half of century. The changes are more and more evident each and every day. Look at the Political advertisements and “marketing” not only just for the leader of our country but for everything on down the pecking order. We all know that most of the promises will never be met and we all know the reasons. But, I won’t get into a discussion, opinion or argument of or over politics. It’s just that it’s so scary when you consider the type of people running for office seem so immature in their comments, debates and bashing each other.

Look at the wars in our world, the need to feed the homeless, the sick and all of the problems that we face as we tighten up our “blinders” and or bury our heads in the sand and pretend that everything is just the prettiest picture you ever saw. Our world is decaying right under or feet; it’s found in our jobs, in some of our homes, in the food industry, the medical profession, big pharma. The list is endless.

As I said…”I want to live!” What can I do to accomplish that? So I ask you…is there still a chance for survival on this planet? I understand about goals, and getting yourself motivated and determined to accomplish something great. But look at what you are up against. Our own law enforcement personal have to fight to DO their jobs while citizens keep interfering with their work. We are seeing a massive rise in drugs and guns and killing and along with that…such a complete disrespect for life and morals and the like.

I’m from the old school and from the day when you could sleep on your porch, and as a child you could walk to the movies. People helped each other way back then. They even dimmed their headlights in oncoming traffic. Today, so many are murdering so many others whether it’s on the urban seen or any one of the senseless Global wars. How did we become this way? What happened to Prayer in Schools, the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in schools, what about the manufacturing of undergarments and other clothing designed around our Flag’s colors and design. Yes…our Flag, the symbol of our country that thousands have died for?

So many are living in a fantasy world and have no moral standards, very little ambition (if any) and most lack motivation. I ask you…how do we turn this around?

What does this post have to do with health? I have absolutely no idea. I wanted to do something about motivation but then one negative thought popped up after another. Sorry!  What is YOUR OPINION of our dire situation that we are all facing?

Yes – perhaps I’ll find a spot to live out my life on a remote mountain top somewhere but what about our children? People have to shape up.

Peace to you,

Les Wallack

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