I Want To Stand Out

114-Blue-RFor the past several weeks since the first day of Spring and since Spring is still working on getting here to southeast Wisconsin, I have been diligently working on rebuilding and enhancing the appearance and effectiveness of the Get Yourself Fit website. I am trying hard to be different and bring the site more up-to-date with the times. I soon hope to include Audio and Video enhancements as well. There have been some dramatic changes with the inner workings of the site that now brings you to the About Us page when you log in instead of directly to our Blog. To get to the blog now, you wither have to follow a given link or reach it from the Menu Bar. There are many reasons for the changes but I feel that the time is here now for me to become a bit more familiar with web design, writing, composing and the many other elements.

With all of that being said, I will now speak from a Mental Health point of view and hence the title of this post – “I Want To Stand Out”… as my passion continues to grow as well as my urge to help other people in this day in age, the basic design of this website must evolve with my feelings and heightened interest and desire in my full-time endeavor.

As defined  in the “All About Les” article, my life has been defined by a definite collection of chapters. When I began the assent to the height of each chapter of my life, the one common denominator has always been the passion that developed along the way up the mountain.

So, if you want to define this post as one about self motivation – do so by all means as it is meant to be. Even as a young man and starting from scratch as a musician not knowing the difference between C or a B on the scale or what a fret bar was and learning on a $7 hand-me-down guitar and ultimately performing on stage opening for nationally known super stars – I finally reached my level of passion and appreciation for what I was doing and how I worked to get there. Later, in my next chapter working my way up from a Product Inspector to a Manufacturing Engineer in a major organization in 18 months as I was developing my photographic portrait skills. Those skills ultimately took me to a level that allowed me to command unusually high rates for my services. It's all about passion!

Then there was a decade of working in a hospital that really opened my eyes to the needs and personal responsibilities of taking care of ourselves with correct healthy and nutritional rules to follow and the passions developed there has then led me to start Get Yourself Fit.com and now I am attempting to become a Web Site Designer (chuckle if you will) but do keep an eye on me!!

So, as the title of this post states I Want To Stand Out – You must work towards developing your own passion for what you want to achieve in your life. You need to be self-driven and prepared for all the bumps in the road. Life, no matter what your choice of direction may be, is all up to you and you own design. Speaking of “quality of life” allow me to close with a quote from who I think was one of the greatest football coaches of all times…

“The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence regardless of their chosen field of endeavor”.  a quote by Vince Lombardi


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