I’ve Lost Thousands of Pounds and Changed My Life…

In my last blog post, I have bragged about my 14,000,000 steps and my near 6,000 miles since 1-1-10 when I took walking seriously. I am not bragging about the distances I’ve covered but it is important to be aware of them because they are a big part of the goal process itself. It’s all part of the plan!

Once you learn how to “properly set a goal” (and goals are needed when it comes to improving one’s health) I can assure you that you can achieve anything and I mean anything! Also, while working on your goal you need to come up with “strange personal challenges” to keep yourself on track.

Do you think that I wanted to dress up and walk through 3-foot snow drifts in 40 mile an hour winds? If you said yes – you would be WRONG! Did I do it anyways? You bet I did! I learned that by doing the exact opposite of what a “normal” person would do – carefully (and with a plan) that that activity will not only allow you to justify your action but it will fortify the reasons and speed you along the way of accomplishing your goal.

By the way…when I was walking through the 3 foot drifts in the 40 mile an hour winds; I was dressed for the weather obviously and I believe that I appeared as if I was a Sherpa in the mountains of Tibet. I guess that’s why cars passing by slowly, would pull into the medium to stop and photograph me as I was bent into the 40 mile an hour snowy winds and “goose-stepping” through the drifts! Do you think that I am proud of not missing a day in almost 3 years? Yes! Do you think that this act in itself strengthens my resolve to keep on keeping on with my journey to becoming a “fitter” human being? I would say yes to that one for sure!

Now, I’ll explain the “losing thousands of pounds” in my life.  I know you’ll get my drift. Most folks are aware of the fact that food processers as well as Genetic Modification Companies are doing some strange things with the foods that we eat and also said to be including some bonus ingredients that lend an addictive quality to the food. This is above and beyond the additives, preservatives, dyes, etc. It’s a fact that the Genetic Modification experts are not really sure of the over-all effects these changes will have on people but they continue to move forward with their experimentation.

These are only two of many problems that we as consumers face. Think about the wide variety of diets and contradictions that exist in today’s world. Don’t eat eggs, do eat eggs, eat only the whites no just eat the yokes. Wait…eat a high carb diet…no, make that protein. High carb, low carb, no carbs! Give me a break!!

We try a fad diet, lose a few pounds and we think we are on the way. Surprise…in a couple weeks, you gain it all back plus a few extra pounds as well. After a few years we begin to look like either the Pillsbury Dough Boy or the infamous “Snorky-Pork.” It’s a vicious circle. We lose a few pounds then gain back five pounds. Then lose 5 pounds and gain back 10 pounds. You will not win!! It becomes a vicious circle.

I am in the midst of publishing a Free Special Report that will outline what I found to work for me in my initial journey to getting fitter that will link proper eating (no diets) and proper exercise. In the meantime, you can join my mailing list right here on this page and you’ll be the first to be introduced to this Special Report as soon as it’s completed. But right now. I recommend that you go to Losing Fat Fast and you’ll be added to my mailing list PLUS receive a FREE 38 page report that will help you get started immediately.

Remember that getting fitter and losing weight is not just exercise or not just your diet but the combination of what you eat, how much, when and exercise. What do you have to lose but weight!

Yours in good health,


7 thoughts on “I’ve Lost Thousands of Pounds and Changed My Life…

  1. Hey Les, wow my man… walked about 14 million steps and almost 6K miles, that surely is quite a lot and I’m pretty sure it would take a LOT out of me to go and exercise in those weather conditions!

    I normally jog and do low-paced half marathons (I have many jogging videos on my youtube channel) but I haven’t run for a while.

    I’ve been working my rear off lately but getting back in shape is something I definitely need to put in my 2013 goals.

    Thanks for sharing your health experience here and I’m sure you’ll rock it on 2013 as well! 😉

    Sergio Felix recently posted…Looking Back At Your 2012 GoalsMy Profile

  2. Hello Sergio –

    It’s great to hear from you. The first step is the hardest!! A good fitness routine is important and I’ll share a secret with you. The best time to do it is right when you get up in the morning. Don’t let anything get in the way of it and once you do it for 3 weeks in a row without missing a day…it will become a habit. Set a goal to achieve within a 12 month period and set limits like weight or measurements and monitor them. That’s the best way…

    Til next time,

  3. Hi Marcel…
    Glad you enjoyed this blog post. Just to let you know…I checked out the website you are involved with and it is quite interesting. I’ll be back for more!!

  4. Hey Les

    I really need to get back on the straight and narrow after another impending Christmas and New Year blow out.

    I haven’t been running for a while and I really need to get back into it. That’s going to be one of my New Year’s resolutions.

    Enjoy Christmas Les and I hope you have a great New Year.
    Tim Bonner recently posted…The Art Of Blogging: Theory Or Experience?My Profile

  5. Tim…
    Sounds great!! My goal for 2013 is for another 25 pounds to be gone by June 1st! That’s only 5 pounds/month or 1.1 pounds per week – piece of cake! Have a great holiday!!


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