Juicing…Good or Bad?



On December 10, 2013, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel published an article on the front page of their CUE Section about Juicing that really bothered me. It was written by Katy Waldman.

I’m very tired of our modern day’s black & white attitudes and opinions, the supposedly rights & wrongs and good & bad. From the beginning of time – no matter how you look at it or define it, we've had opposites in existence such as; good & evil, positive & negative or up & down. The list can go on and on.

There were names dropped left and right sprinkled throughout the article of people I’ve never heard of giving their negative opinion of juicing and there were names of so-called authorities in the world of juicing that also were unfamiliar to me as well.

So, what purpose did the article serve? If anyone is stupid enough to damage their bodies and health they are going to do it whether they juice or not. Why not focus on the obese? Or, focus on the 97% of the population that don’t believe in goal setting?

I am a juicer and those who follow my blog and newsletter know that. Yes, I might go on a 3 day juice fast for a myriad of reasons but I know I’m not damaging my body. My goal is not to become a victim of anorexia nor is it to damage my metabolism or create an eating disorder. All three of the things I just mentioned can occur whether or not you juice!

I feel the problem today is that people in general have become used to believing what they want while in many cases seem to lose their sense of responsibility over it. They can take anything to extreme and cause physical or nutritional damage to themselves. Juicing is NOT bad if done correctly.

So, Katy – You did make some good points in your article but why try to blow Juicing out of the water?

I would like to ask my readers about their thoughts about juicing. Do you think it is “nothing more than a fad?” Do you feel that “it is not a healthy decision?” Let me know your thoughts please.

I've spent too many years in researching “Juicing” and have experienced too many improvements in my health to accept someone “bashing” juicing. Focus on the real problem – the new generation of people in our country that lack “personal responsibility” for their actions!!

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