My Passion Continues to Grow Over a Healthy Lifestyle

I051R wanted identify my passion for health and fitness before going on with writing about goals. If you are reading this, you too have a passion for blog posting or helping others in your line of interest. Am I not correct?

As most of my readers know…I am working on a part-time basis at a hospital as I pursue my other interests and passions. At the end of the last day I worked as I was passing through one of the departments I came across an employee who was speaking of her success with a certain diet she was on and was excited over her recent loss of 34 pounds!! I was excited for her! I know how that feels as I was there myself. It was then that I realized just how strong my passion was.

I was not trying to sell anything. There was not a mention of the programs that I would have normally suggested. I was just plain old happy for her. That’s true passion!

Over the years in my professional career as an award winning portrait photographer and now as an avid health nut, I’ve heard over and over that you must develop a “passion” in whatever you pursue first and foremost.  Then and only then, you can successfully develop the business. I’ve learned the importance of “developing a passion” decades ago – long before the word “passion” has become so popular in everything from ads, TV commercials, found in scripts in TV programs and literally used to the point of beating that word “Passion” to death.

Fortunately, when a person has developed “TRUE Passion” for what he or she believes in, it will show through in a “natural way” and when that begins, you’ll know it. Passion is much more than just a word – it’s got its own personality and has a way of permeating a person’s entire being and soul. And, this deserves repeating… when it shines through in a natural way – you’ll know it.

No matter what…you need to continue to discover, grow and dream. We all have our own unique time of existence on this earth. The important thing is to identify your own destiny and purpose and then work towards the highest level of excellence possible. Passion will follow!

In closing, please check out my page on Beyond Diet if you are “passionate” about developing a healthy lifestyle, working towards ridding yourself of diseases by living healthier or losing a ton of weight fast and naturally. Click on Beyond Diet above or Click Here to go right to this fabulous program.

4 thoughts on “My Passion Continues to Grow Over a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Hi Les – it’s great that you were so thrilled for that lady’s success with her diet. I think one of the great things about discovering your passion is that when you’re truly passionate about what you do, it no longer seems like “work” and you just can’t help but do it. That’s how I now feel about writing 🙂
    Susan Neal recently posted…Should Your Blog Post Carry a Health Warning?My Profile

  2. Hey Les,

    I know you’re right about really really really loving what you do and not caring if you get a new client or sell a product. Most of us are online to build a business but if you don’t really enjoy what you’re doing then you’ll soon find yourself not as motivated or excited about getting up every morning and going at it again.

    I had a friend call me just today that’s looking to do something else and possibly online and I had to explain this to him too. It’s not just about making money although right now that’s what he needs the most. That’s not how it works and if you think it does you’ll get discouraged quickly and quit. I don’t want that happening to him. I think he would do wonderfully online because he’s got such a big heart but you’ve got to understand that you have to want to do it more because you love it than any other reason.

    Thanks for sharing this and I’m happy for that lady too. I know how it is when you accomplish something like that. It’s just amazing.

    Enjoy your week.

    Adrienne recently posted…22 Ways To Create Compelling ContentMy Profile

  3. Adrienne…

    It always makes my day when I get a comment from you, I appreciate your insights more than you can imagine! It’s been a rough couple of weeks with a few web hang-ups during a switch from one host to another but I believe it is finally complete and I can get on with my business again. You’ve got to love it!

    Here’s some advice that you can offer to your friend with the big heart. In my last business that lasted 45 years PLUS…I too wanted money right away but usually the “law of physics” will not allow that. First you get the love, then you get the passion and when the love and the passion become “second nature”…that’s when the money will come. It needs to be sincere passion and if it is not – that will show through and the payoff will be only disappointment.
    Les Wallack recently posted…My Passion Continues to Grow Over a Healthy LifestyleMy Profile

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