No Limits To What You Can Accomplish In Your Life!

Allow me if you would, to start this post with a quote from Norman Vincent Peale…

“People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.”

For years and years I floundered around through life quite aimlessly just like a “note in a bottle” bobbing around in the currents of the ocean. The corked bottle could only follow the waves and the winds and just keep drifting to wherever it ended up.

This is how approximately 95% of our world’s population faces each day of their lives. I know…as I was in that predicament myself for a very long time. I remember a great friend of mine named Ron Lemerond who was involved in the same profession I was for just about the same length of time – professional portrait photography. Ron was my MSR (Manufacturing Sales Representative) from the professional color finishing lab I worked with for years. Ron would visit me usually once a month to let me know of new programs, processes and products available from the lab and we would normally go to lunch when he visited. On many of those visits, he would hand me a 3-part form entitled “5 Year Goals Plan” and would say…”Les, think this over and fill it out for me and I’ll pick it up at our next visit.”

To this day – about 35 years later, I regret not taking his efforts as seriously as I should have. Ron had a very low key way of presenting the 5 Year Goal Plan to me. I now wish he would have given me a good kick in my back-side to get me going on it. But, he did his job…I failed to do mine. I was a big-time victim of “Self-Limiting Beliefs” and I have now become dedicated to teaching this principle to as many others that I can.

Surrounding yourself with self-limiting beliefs will keep you from reaching most all of your goals and will also hold you to a level of mediocrity in most all objectives that you attempt to accomplish. Yes, that would include not hitting your “target weight” and developing a healthier lifestyle.

Since the beginning of Get Yourself Fit, this web site, it became obvious that there was a missing link. Why, as the U.S. takes the lead in obesity, does it seem to be so complicated to lend a hand to some people that really want to lose weight and become healthier? It all has to do with the personalization of self-limiting beliefs that so many have adopted as a way of life.

Breaking this habit of limiting what you believe you can achieve, you’ll find yourself in an upward spiral of greater persistence, improved strategies and stronger self-discipline. You’ll feel better thus increasing your self-esteem which in turn, will jump-start a cycle that will exponentially move you onward and upward in all of your endeavors and in all areas of your life.

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