The Beauty of Spring…


Although we have already had a few 50°+ days here in our home state of Wisconsin, Mother Nature still has a few tricks up her sleeve!

This is not a complaint as I am used to having to wait for the warmer weather, having lived here most of my life. I just wanted to share an image of one of the shrubs around our house today after a quick walk on the icy sidewalks and grass in the falling, freezing rain.

While just 12 days before…on March 11th, as I was trekking around in Pike Lake State Park on a 54° day and I was able to capture this image (below) of a pair of  very shy Sand Hill Cranes!3-11-16_0883-R2

It's a “changing time” of the year. We are given warmer days where we can happily shed the layered clothing and even try out a pair of shorts! I am anxious to get some early paddling in – this year, as we love kayaking.

Like the weather, our own lives tend to reflect the weather's changes – in our moods and modes. Instead of slipping into a state of hibernation like the bears do, both my wife Suzan and myself have maintained regular visits to the gym – especially on days like today, to stay active and continue working towards or health goals.

So, I have the gym and I have the great outdoors and although I am a city dweller, we do have a beautiful state park just 5 to 7 minutes from our home. So, what I'm suggesting is that attempting to keep fit should be a 12 month program – no matter where you live.

So…get outside! If it snows buy or rent some cross-country skis, if it rains throw on a raincoat and enjoy a walk in the rain! The weather does not really matter as long as you dress properly and apply some common sense.

In closing, as you may have noticed…we are updating our web site. Please excuse the inconvenience and what probably appears as useless clutter but I promise you'll like the end results!

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