The Days Get Longer – It’s Goal Setting Time

WS-1 The Winter Solstice instantly occurred somewhere between December 21 and December 22 of 2013 and according to my calculations and my location in the northern hemisphere, today as I write this post (12-24-13), will be 12 seconds longer than yesterday! Simply put: It means that while the northern hemisphere is enjoying winter, the southern hemisphere is enjoying summer. As the year moves on, each day gets longer and longer for the next 6 months.

I find this a perfect time to establish your next year’s goals. As I have always said – you must have goals. Goals can be defined as “Dreams with Deadlines.” This is where I believe that most people falter in the art of goal setting – by not setting a deadline. And, I feel that the second biggest reason for falling short on successful goal setting and this is a big problem for me; is “Procrastination” – along with starting on too many projects at one time. (I blame this on the Winter Solstice!!)


Well, if each day gets longer and longer – in my mind, I should be able to accomplish more and more each day – Right? For me, this mental glitch tends to throw my goal strategies into a major tail-spin and I take on so much more that I begin to loose site of the importance of the goal’s “Strategic Plan of Action.” This then causes (for me, anyways) a great need to begin to procrastinate by saying”I’ll start that tomorrow.”

But then, tomorrow arrives and the cycle starts over again and soon, one becomes totally frustrated and thus many of the hundreds of goals that I had good intentions for – dry up and blow away.

So…for 2014, this is what I plan to do. When I decide to set a goal, it must be a goal that will be life changing for me in one way or another. Once I jot down the goal, step 2 will be to immediately establish a Date of Accomplishment”(DOA). I thought DOA was a pretty good acronym just because if you don’t establish a Plan of Action with a specific Date of Accomplishment, that goal will be “Dead on Arrival!”

Secondly, by setting a DOA, it will hopefully help me to limit my number of goals per year from 10,000+ down to a more reasonable amount! It will take a sufficient amount of time to lay out your Plan of Action and lock yourself into a target date for each goal that you want to accomplish. So, by making this process mandatory, you will be more likely to successfully accomplish a greater percentage of your goals.

We are just scratching the surface on goal setting so be watching for my up-coming posts. Also, and very important to me, I would love to hear from you on goal setting and get your point of view. Ask yourself this: How important is proper goal setting to a healthier lifestyle and your over-all health condition?

Let me know your thoughts on this.

4 thoughts on “The Days Get Longer – It’s Goal Setting Time

  1. Hey Les,

    Wow, you’ve got a serious plan for setting and achieving goals. I’m not that good because although I write down what I want to accomplish I don’t put a deadline on it. I feel that puts too much pressure on me and then it makes it not as enjoyable to do.

    Like I know what I want to accomplish for this year and I know that it has to be completed probably within the first six months so in my mind I know the time frame but I’ve never put it on paper.

    I have no doubt though whatever goal you want to achieve you will.

    Look forward to seeing what you’ll share with us this year.

    Hope you’re doing well.

    Adrienne recently posted…Guest Blogging Is NOT Dead Says Matt CuttsMy Profile

  2. Howdy Adrienne,

    First, thanks for your comment. Comments are always appreciated more than anyone can imagine.

    I know that everyone is different and has a different slant to most things and that’s good. One has to set and have goals and the specific way each one performs that task is not as important as accomplishing the goals. Goals are needed to get from Point A to Point B. I always include a “deadline” in writing because it seems to add more permanence in a mental sort of way. But as I stated; the bottom line is reaching the goal and how a body gets there should be somewhat comfortable but I do feel some goals must make one stretch a little too!

    I always appreciate your input on my posts.

    Les Wallack recently posted…The Days Get Longer – It’s Goal Setting TimeMy Profile

  3. I like the DOA, because it is so true. If you just set goals with no deadline you’ll be running in place forever. That was me for sure.

    But to be honest, what’s worked best for me is to skip long-term goal-setting altogether. I’ve tried to create a habitual morning routine that helps in so many ways and try to keep all goals short-term and very specific (say 3 months max). Has helped immensely.
    Craig McBreen recently posted…6 Reasons Why I Eat at Dick’s (and What a Seattle Burger Chain Can Teach You About Branding)My Profile

  4. Craig,
    Thank you, for your comment. I enjoyed hearing from you and I liked your idea of staying with shorter term goals. And, I liked your your morning chore idea which I’ve implemented after receiving your comment. I’m from the old school of goal setting – however and I still like having something more long term in that it makes me feel that I’m moving forward faster (with something to look towards). Thanks so much for the ideas – I love it!

    Les Wallack recently posted…The Days Get Longer – It’s Goal Setting TimeMy Profile

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