The First Snow


The First Snow – Artist Unknown

Well, here we are looking smack dab in the face of “Old Man Winter”! I am not all that happy about the winter season however…that's not a complaint. I just find that the cold weather (at least in my neck of the woods) seems to linger on and on for a much longer period of time than I would like it around! It is my personal duty to activate my “Snowstorm” plugin each year on the day of the first measurable snowfall at my home and then deactivate it when I've had enough!

This means freezing water or frozen lakes and thus, the end of Kayaking for the year! Kayaking has been our new found past-time for the last year or so. It brings you closer to nature, a great past-time, a great work-out and it's a lot of fun.

The freezing waters and lingering cold temperatures are the negative side of my winter but there is a positive side also. There are no mosquitoes (the Wisconsin Bird!) and there are crackling fires to sit in front of. But on a more serious note…there,s an old Indian story (I wish I could find it for you) that compares the 4 seasons of the weather to the four seasons of our lives. Winter, if I recall represents the “Passing of the old Life” leading to Spring or the “Re-Birth” and the fun part of this is…you can interpret this in many ways. I like to think in terms of self improvement in all areas of one's life.

Over the years, I have dispensed with New Year's Resolutions and have tried to focus more on Goals or a “Plan of Action” routine. I have found that the mere thought of “making a resolution” is more of a whimsicle or “fun thing” to do during the last moments of the last year and beginning moments of the next. I have definitely proven this to myself over the past several years.

We have 52 days left of 2014 as today, the day this post was published, and I intend to make the very best of those days in planning for a far better New Year.

Tell me your thoughts about New Years Resolutions or yor feelings on the Winter Season.

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Yours in Health,

Les Wallack

2 thoughts on “The First Snow

  1. My favourite season is Autumn (Fall). I like crispy mornings with touch of frost in the air. Not a big fan of Winter. I like the bits from the Indian story you mentioned about the seasons being like the four stages of life.


  2. Thanks Shan for your comment. I have to agree with you about the Fall or Autumn being my favorite season as well. Last Autumn, we really enjoyed it when we could get out and Kayak on a quiet lake and enjoy all of the beautiful fall colors and the reflections in the water. Definitely one of my favorite seasons! Again…thanks for taking the time to share your feelings.

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