The Law of Attraction is a Winner!

019-2cRI have personally been going through a combination of personal, family and technical problems lately. Yes, me…”Mr. Positive”, the guy with a continually enlarging library of positive motivation material, self-help books, tapes and videos produced by some of the best of the best Positive Mental Attitude mentors in history. However, I've made a personal discovery that in fact will only affect the person who discovers it for him or herself – (share your thoughts if you will). I feel that it is that thing called The Law of Attraction. It seems that I re-discover it only when I reach my lowest point in any area of my life. That makes sense but I have found it difficult and almost impossible to maintain the benefits of the Law of Attraction for extended periods of time. All of a sudden, you find yourself slipping back into the “old self” again. The longevity of the benefits of this law staying with you for extended periods of time – I will continue to work on. To achieve that feeling as I will describe as being euphoric; (defined by Wikipedia: recognized as a mental and emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of well-being, elation, happiness, excitement and joy.) And,I mean euphoria in its nicest form…I guess I’m saying that to enjoy the benefits of the use of the Law of Attraction, one must practice visualization along with some meditation and give yourself notice to the fact that this is how things WILL BE. Then simply move on with your day. You’ll notice at the end of the day (if you've meditated and visualized properly) with intensity so strong and that your thoughts and feelings and desires were transmitted deep into your very soul, that things did work out the way you visualized they would. The techniques used for achieving the benefits of the Law of Attraction are described in many ways by many different authors, writers and motivational mentors but the common denominator deals with visualizing. This is important: when you begin to visualize and meditate – never dwell on what YOU DON’T WANT. Always stay focused on HOW YOU WANT THINGS to be. Visualize the conditions as already present and being there, your physical actions should appear as if you were a person that is already experiencing that happiness, those surroundings and the actions that are going around you that you are visualizing. A simple “Rule of Thumb”: Seeing isn't believing… believing IS seeing. Visualize that all of the people that you personally run into throughout the course of the day are happy, smiley and friendly people and you will experience the reality. It all starts in your mind. Think bad and negative things and more bad and negative things will come your way. Think and feel good and positive things and they will come to you in great abundance.   An example: Let’s say you are seeking a better job in the field that you love, Do not think or dwell about the job that you presently have and do not like, think about the job you really want and picture yourself already in that job. Thoughts about great and positive things will ATTRACT great and positive things into your life – in abundance. Thoughts about bad and negative things will ATTRACT more bad and negative things into your life – in great abundance. The choice is ALL yours to make. You Become What You Think About!    In the current issue of my Get Yourself Fit Today newsletter, I have included my favorite top five sources of positive motivation and info concerning The Law of Attraction. There is a lot out there on this topic but these are just a random selection of some of my favorites. Subscribe today…it’s FREE! I'll include them here if you would like to research and check them out right now:

  • The Secret – Rhonda Byrne
  • The One Command – Asara Lovejoy
  • The Day That Turns Your Life Around – Jim Rohn
  • The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
  • The Ultimate Goals Program – Brian Tracy

   I would love to hear from you and your experiences with this principle…please leave a reply.

One thought on “The Law of Attraction is a Winner!

  1. Hey Les,

    If it’s one thing I’ve finally learned it’s that we don’t all practice this the same way.

    The funny thing about the Law of Attraction is that I’ve been doing this my whole life without ever putting a name to it and guess what! I never visualized or meditated on anything. So because I got into personal development and then everyone started teaching that this was the only way then I knew I was going to have problems because I’m not a visual person in this way.

    Staying positive is not an issue with me but I have practiced my affirmations as well as a few other things and then reverted back like most do thinking this just doesn’t work. It doesn’t because I’m being forced to do it in a way that I’m uncomfortable with.

    So, every morning I go through my ritual of saying out loud what I’m grateful for and then I read my vision statement. I also read several inspirational passages and I do a tapping exercise. I do it again in the evening and in between I just know that everything will be just fine. Guess what! It works and I don’t have to visualize a darn thing. I just know that it’s working and I have a strong conviction. That’s all you really need my friend. It’s easy to stay in that frame of mind.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us Les and hope you’ll be back to blogging soon. Come on, it’s an awesome year now.

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