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PosteGold Arrowd by: Les Wallack – 10/11/13    Get Yourself

Let’s discuss the attitude of “Positive Self Control” which is a pre-requisite to achieving success in any endeavor that you attempt.

But first, take a look into a mirror. Do you like what you see? Are you pleased with your appearance, your “look”, your smile? Do you appear just like you perceive yourself to be and even more important, do you like what you see?

If you are extremely active and always “on the go” there is a chance that you might not like the reflection in the mirror that’s staring back at you. But, catch yourself viewing a photo of yourself running in a marathon with your hair blowing in the breeze…you’ll probably love it!

Active people simply do not connect with an inactive, doing nothing image of their-selves.  Why?

Most active people are very critical of their appearance and how they look and are just not used to seeing themselves frozen in a state of suspended animation.

There are all types of people from very active to downright lazy and there are as many reasons that can be attached to each one’s individual level of activity. Do you agree with this?

The question is this; do you perceive yourself as others do? Chances are that if others perceive you as something or someone else different from what you perceive yourself as being…your self-image must be somewhere outside of the “norm.”

Your “self-image” is an attitude about yourself and is created, in part, by your level of “Positive Self-Control” that you possess… which, by the way, is not a hereditary thing but something that you create and develop yourself as you know.

We, as persons are not victims of the “wings of fate”, we are steering our own ships. Here is an example: I know many individuals that end up having to work late all the time as if the company or their boss’s made them do it. You and I work late some times because there are important things that we want to get done. Here in lies a totally different attitude! Positive Self Control over your life – you are in control of it.

This web site is dedicated to making changes in your lifestyle by improving your health; physically and mentally as well. So aside from proper diet and exercise, we all need a little self-motivation along the way too – RIGHT?

So…Positive Self Control will lead to increased Will-Power and the necessity for setting and reaching GOALS.  This is why I have added a new page to this site entitled: Self-Motivation which will include items on Goal Setting and Strategic planning…probably many things you already know about but have just put aside for a while. Self-Motivation will lead you to accomplishing so many things. Things that you may not have even imagined!! So – check it out and LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. Give me a reply!

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