The “Real” Nuts & Bolts of Fat Loss…

For the past several weeks I have been jumping from one thing to another searching for the most effective method of Fat Loss. The so-called “Information Age” seems to be a bit overwhelming to say the least!

The world of the internet can be a dark and deceiving place. One marketer will say eat eggs with no yokes and the next will say that if you do… you’ll lose the protein that you need! Who do you believe any more?

Research, research and more research…and you’ll find it very difficult to find one correct answer!! It used to be just overwhelming but now it has become confusing with a mixture of hundreds of different solutions – at the same time.

All you can do is give it your best shot and keep on trying different things until you find out what works for you and with enough medical examinations you should come up with a “Good Guess!” I hate to sound like that but, that’s what it seems like to me.

I started on a very solid fitness regime – an all-out fitness program that included physical exercise and Photo04071126good nutrition in my daily diet. Since I began, I’ve racked up over 14,251,650 steps of walking, burned over 627,017 calories and completed over 6,235 miles. Where did it get me?

Well, I did lose a total of 87 pounds but I’m still not where I want to be. So how do I advance to the next level?

I do realize that your progress will slow down when you get to a certain point. It’s a “natural thing.”

For the last three weeks, I have been searching from high to low on the internet and honestly I am having a very difficult time deciding on any one program or route to believe in and trust. I have found so many programs end up as being nothing more than deceiving scams or copycats.

I then compare the items that I’m digging up to the excellent programs I have been using and it’s so sad to see that most new stuff are merely cleverly disguised copies of the old traditional stuff that has always worked just fine. So why is there such a slow-down in my progress? Is it simply “natural” as I stated above?

Years ago when I started my crusade for a healthier lifestyle and started to become a fitter person, I was always of the mind that “Fat Loss” started in the head (no pun intended). I still believe that mainly because there is more and more research surfacing on a more cosmic level like “The Secret” by Rhonda Burns,  “The One Command” by Asara Lovejoy, “The Field” by Lynne McTaggart and “The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer just to mention just a few. I have even caught traces of this kind of thing in some of my earlier research dating back to 1982 in some of my old tape sets.

The funny thing is….the more I think about this…the more information I seem to find regarding this…much of it dating back centuries!! I think it has something to do with “awakened awareness.”

I guess that for now, I will just keep thinking “thin” and stay away from Sugar, Transfats, Hydrogenated cooking oils, processed foods, and White Flour product. Plus, put an emphasis on my daily exercise routine.

What are your thoughts on this dilemma?

2 thoughts on “The “Real” Nuts & Bolts of Fat Loss…

  1. Wow Les,

    That’s a lot of stuff to remember and I’m so glad I don’t have to watch any of that. Will I some day? Maybe, maybe not. I just watch what I eat and I walk everyday so it works for me.

    I know what you mean though about way too much information and all the inconsistent stuff we get. I mean one thing tells you one thing and the other tells you the opposite. Makes you wonder who to believe which is why I’ve always had a difficult time jumping into something.

    I think everyone needs to go back to the basics of what has always worked and just do it. Yep, stick with that plan.

    I have no doubt you’ll get to where you want to be. I know you, you’ll get there.

    Adrienne recently posted…You Can Write But Can You BlogMy Profile

  2. Thanks for your comment Adrienne and especially the five important words…”go back to the basics!” I agree with you 100% and you can count on being pretty safe there. What did people eat 1,000 ago? I’m not really sure but I bet the food did not contain all the “stuff” that’s in it today! When I speak of the Nuts and the Bolts of Fat Loss…I am trying to focus more on WHAT your body needs along with the when and why and I will talk more about that in future posts. Again…thanks for sharing yout thoughts.

    Les Wallack recently posted…The “Real” Nuts & Bolts of Fat Loss…My Profile

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