The Silent Killer


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Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes? I’m not going to sugarcoat it – diabetes is a silent killer and among the sneakiest and nastiest of all diseases. I know…because I have it!

If left untreated, diabetes can lead to heart attacks or strokes, continuous pain from degenerated nerves, foot or leg amputation from gangrene, kidney failure, or blindness from retinopathy. On a positive note, there are steps you can take to control your blood sugar and minimize your risk of all health complications – and I want to help you! Taking pills is not “treating the disease.”

But FIRST, check out this article from the LA Times and read what some of the side effects are from high dose statin therapy and how they can cause side-effects such as muscle fatigue, a rise in blood sugar and a toxic breakdown of muscle tissue called rhabdomyolysis.

Now – I am going to “speak my onions” about the “trap” I felt I was in as well as anyone else that has a clinically described medical problem or disease such as diabetes.

But keep in mind the fact that I am not a doctor nor pretend to be one. Any information you glean from the internet, from a book, newsletter, etc.; is for informational purposes only and it is not intended as “medical advice”. Any changes in what you want to do with your nutrition, medicine in-take or fitness routines should be first discussed with your physical care or health care professional.

With the contents of the above paragraph being understood, let me begin…from children on, we are taught that if we are sick, the doctor will make you “better” and this is a true thing. But define “better” and you’ll find two possible answers; one is correcting a problem and eliminating it and the other is controlling a problem while the disease continues on.

We are also taught that we will be rewarded with a special “sweet treat” if we show good behavior or accomplish a task or get an exceptional grade, etc.

As stated, I am going to “speak my onions” and if you are from southeast Wisconsin that phrase may have a familiar ring to it.You may remember (if you were from this area) it being used on a regular basis back in the early 70’s around southeast Wisconsin via WOKY Radio personalities Larry the “Legend” and his side-kick; Davis Hanes. They made that phrase extremely popular. Larry used the “speak my onions” phrase and David would always open their show with “Burnt Toast and Coffee Time”…this is David Hanes!

There are so many sources that you can get sugar from. Just to name a few, you’ll find more sugar than you can imagine in: most all soft drinks whether diet or not, most artificial sweeteners (more toxins than sugar), pasta, pizza crust, cakes, pies, candy bread and doughnuts and on and on. How many warnings about sugar content do you see attached to those foods?

I had my hands on an MP 3 file quite a while back that I am having a hard time locating. If I find it or can locate it somewhere in cyber-space – I will make it available to you. It was based on a theory on how food manufacturers are seemingly working along with the big pharmaceutical companies in a theoretical conspiracy that ties the sugar content in unlimited foods as well as their addictive properties to the drug companies that are able to produce the statin prescription drugs that will allow you to “control” your diseases acquired by overindulging in sugar consumption found in addictive foods. The interesting part of that material be it a theory or not… was the progression that your body goes through once you are on one of these drugs.

In my case, and this started many, many years ago, I was told that my blood sugar was on the rise and I needed one of these drugs to control that. They did not tell me NOT to eat this but eat more of that…they just prescribed the pills! As the years went on, the dosage continued to increase but after about 10 years, they noticed my Blood Pressure begin to rise! Again…nothing mentioned about diet or exercise…they just added more prescription drugs to my pill case. Then 5 years after that – I was diagnosed with high-cholesterol but they could fix that with more drugs!!

Here is the sad part of the story. Instead of correcting the problem, the doctor was just controlling the blood pressure readings, the blood glucose readings and the cholesterol readings with statin drugs that slowly increased in cost. What happened to ME? Well, my problems went on, the readings kept increasing to higher levels, my body size doubled (body weight), my energy level fell off and depression set in.

One day, I was told to try walking. No, it was not medical advice. It was either from my wife or a friend. But, that didn’t help at all. Then I tried dieting and I saw no results from that either. Then I learned that by continuing what I was doing for the past 30 years – taking prescription drugs was not a remedy. Not even close. The diseases and negative effects on my body and vital organs continued on but only the “corrected” readings were O.K. All of a sudden…finally a light went on. Why not treat the problems that were going on inside of me instead of adjusting the blood test readings with statin drugs?

A second problem I felt was occurring was that the first drug created side effects that started creating problems in other vital organs that called for different medications and eventually the process repeated itself again and again! Something just didn’t make sense. After years and years and thousands of dollars in drugs, examinations, blood tests and then spinning out of control. There had to be a better way. This was the premise of the missing MP3 file that I cannot find.

I attempted something different and here’s what happened? I lost 87 pounds over a period of 15 months; I noticed a feeling of increased energy come over me, my general overall appetite had decreased. And there are many more personal improvements that have occurred.

No…I am not off all of the medications yet but they are decreasing and with my new found program, I hope to eliminate my diabetes-II and the High Blood Pressure and the so-called High Cholesterol. I am repairing my body – piece by piece, organ by organ.

There is a happy ending here. I am in the midst of writing a book that will direct anyone that reads it – down the road of excellent health. I only wish I knew this stuff 25 or 35 years ago!

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