Time For A Change!


1231-GYF_10-1-14Just as the seasons change, WE must change as well. It’s been over nine years now and I have been fighting with myself and the world in an effort to get my web-site up and running. I have to admit that it’s been a rough road. No…I am not complaining and I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m just stating a fact and I’m making that fact known publically. I have no personal friends that are Internet Marketers and in the world of Internet Marketing, I have found it extremely difficult to make friends or acquaintances.

In fact comparing I.M. to my passionate profession (creative portrait photography), that I enjoyed for the last 40+ years – there is no comparison. In Internet Marketing, I find myself alone, clawing away in the dark, wandering aimlessly like a bobbing cork floating in the waves of an ocean. All I have found were untruths and a lot of deception at a great cost of not only money but also the erosion of my ultimate dreams.

Enough said involving negative thinking and the “woe is me” attitude.  I must start focusing on the best and most sound advice I have I have ever received from two of my very favorite “Blogging Friends” in the world; Adrienne Smith (www.adriennesmith.net) and Tim Bonner (www.tim-bonner.com). Both of them have always been there if I had a question or a problem. They have provided me with a ton of advice that I admittedly have not followed 100% as I should have, and I have now learned that I must get out of my own way!

So, with all of that being said, I will cut that proverbial string that’s holding that carrot out in front of me and start “performing like the blogger” I want to be. I will write about the stuff I believe in and cherish within my life and, do it on a timely basis while at the same time – keep striving for constant improvement…both as a blogger and as a better individual. Then, if a handful of readers find my “stuff” and my slant interesting and of some good to even better value…then I will have accomplished my goal. No matter what your gender or age, I invite you to join me on my journey to;

  • Improved nutrition
  • Improved self-determination
  • Improved personal fitness

I want to encourage you to participate by sharing your thoughts and suggestions. Get as personal as you want or keep your comments as general as you want – but do contribute something. Without your input, what’s the purpose of it all?  I will do my best to bring you some old ideas with a new twist and hopefully a few new ideas with an old twist to them! Today – right now…do you have any goal related, self-determination related, fitness or nutritional concerns? Do you have questions or comments that you would like to share??

This being the first post of my new “Blogging Efforts” I have one more reminder for you….we have switched to a new e-mail management company and are paying close attention to our growing list of followers. We have sent out a personal e-mail to our older list of customers, readers and interested persons to explain this but if you have not checked your e-mail recently or have not yet received any notice….you need to be on our NEW members list to receive any more info from us. Be sure to sign up on the sign-up form to the right of this post – even if you are not sure if you already made the switch!! That way you will not miss out on any of the up-coming excitement.


2 thoughts on “Time For A Change!

  1. Hey Les,

    Bless your heart but at least you’re admitting your mistakes and ready to dive in. I appreciate the mention and I’m sure that Tim will as well.

    You definitely have got to be consistent in the right action steps in order to move forward and get great results. It’s time consuming but worth every single second because the end result is that you’ll be sharing great content that will help others who are on this same journey. Isn’t that why you blog? Isn’t that why you’re doing this?

    I know once you start to see some really good results you’ll finally get why I harp on this so much but it’s yours for the taking Les. You know I’m here to help you if I can. Just ask my friend and I want to wish you the very best. You’ve got this, I know you do.

    Good luck and have a great week. Happy blogging.

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