Try To Abuse This Pedometer!

Omron-22[1]I wanted to share with you, one of the most important tools in my arsenal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle – the pedometer.

I depend on a good, reliable pedometer to monitor my daily step count. I have held to the expression…“the pedometer goes on before my feet hit the floor!” Yes, that must sound like I am obsessed with “step counts” and I am as I have learned that to achieve any goal, it must be so exhilarating and exciting at the same time, and it must be on your mind every waking moment and yes, it must become an obsession! One of my many major goals is to achieve improved health and fitness through weight loss and a big part of any goal process is maintaining a consistent walking plan or other form of exercise. I chose walking.

Now, before I talk about my pedometer, let me say this; I am not selling them nor will I make one cent in commission for bragging about this one. I’m just saying that if you are serious about counting your steps and walking yourself into a state of great health and fitness, you’ll need a pedometer that is worth its weight in gold and this one is definitely my number one choice. Here’s why:

• The pedometer is attached to a clip that’s attached to your belt.

•The clip has a safety cord attached that hooks on to your clothing.

•It cannot fall off and drop to the floor or ground.

•It’s small and unobtrusive.

•It tracks; Steps, Distance, Calories and Fat burned.

•Also measures Aerobic Steps and Time.

•It features a clock, 7-Day Memory and Auto Reset at midnight.

Here’s the main thing that I love about it. It will not drop to the Floor or Ground and that means losing it is almost impossible and damaging it is next to impossible as well. I have been through literally hundreds of pedometers and the greatest problem of all has been the clip breaking off due to the plastic becoming brittle. This clip is on the pedometer’s case and the pedometer is tethered to your body. Problem solved! Why has it taken so long for someone to find the proper design?

Today, as I re-write this article, I am just shy of 14,000,000 steps and 47 miles short of 6,000 miles  that have been logged in since 1/1/10! That’s 598,262.3 calories burned since January 1, 2010!

That step count, I might add, is very accurate. So if you are obsessed with walking (you should be) and have a desire to maintain an accurate record of your fitness efforts, I highly recommend the Omron Go Smart pedometer. By the way…Omron is not even aware of the fact that I have written this testimonial!

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  1. Hello Terry,

    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you 100% and by the way…I checked out your site and now I know where to go for my fitness stuff!!

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