What Is A Goal?

Gold ArrowO.K. – it’s almost the middle of February…I’m sure that you have your GOALS for this year all set in bronze by now – right?

The other day when I was visiting my new gym I asked the clerk behind the information/greeting desk… “I am wondering…when would be the best time for me to visit – where I could jump right on a treadmill without having to wait?”

This is what she said…

…”Right now, everyone that visits is very into their ‘new year’s goals’ and it’s pretty busy most of the time but give it another 3 weeks or so and over 80% of the “goal-setters” will start to drop away and use the warmer weather of March as an excuse to modify or simply forget about their goals of visiting the gym on a regular basis.”

So, with all of this having been said, I guess you could agree that the old expression…”a goal is a dream with a deadline attached” is not 100% true!

Goals are the fuel in the “furnace of achievement” and you must keep stoking that “furnace of achievement” in your effort to reach your planned accomplishment.  Is the term Goal really the fuel or just an identifying term?

I personally think that the term ‘goal’ is nothing more than a simple definition of the “journey to an accomplishment” that you want to achieve.

What do you think?

So as far as the general population, mentioned in paragraph 2 that the receptionist was referring to and, stated that about 80% will soon drop away…blah, blah, blah. I think that what she was experiencing is the fall-off that always occurs after setting a “New Year’s Resolution and not a goal.” Resolutions most always seem to fade within 90 days.

A real goal is more than a passing idea or wish. And, the fuel that drives that goal is: self-inspired self-determination”, “definiteness of purpose” and most important …”a burning desire” to accomplish the well planned idea or achievement that you set forth to achieve along with a deadline.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Until next time,

Les Wallack

2 thoughts on “What Is A Goal?

  1. Hi Les

    Those gym stats are frightening. It is exactly what happens each year in the gym I go to though. I guess a lot of people are not too serious about their goals!

    I think a goal needs to be chunked down to action steps and then of course followed through. Changing habits takes time and commitment.

    A great post thanks Les.

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