What’s The Best Juicer These Days?

Definitely I am hoping that my readers can give me a hand on this one. I have become an avid juicer but today made me wonder a bit about myself! Only after the burning subsided…my question for this post came to mind!

The post starts with me running downstairs from my office to my kitchen to gather the ingredients for my mid-morning “Green Drink.” I then assembled my Juicer. Because I clean it after each use (one of my habits), it is apart more time than it is together but that’s another story for another day.

I was busy writing my monthly newsletter and instantly got the taste for a Green Drink. I grabbed a huge bag of Kale, a couple of Cucumbers, some Spinach leaves and a couple of inches of Ginger root (thanks to Joe Cross!) and then I went bananas for a split second. My mind was on adding in a little bite to the drink which is the reason for the ginger but I also (for some strange reason) grabbed a red hot chili pepper, cut the end off and dropped it into the juicer.

Wow! What a reaction! I always slosh the juice around in my mouth to mix it with saliva before swallowing it. This aids in its digestion. I was astonished by the additional heat that immediately burst forth.

My hair was just about on fire!! So in addition to enjoying a delicious, satisfying Green Drink with all of its energy producing vitamins, minerals and nutrients I was also able to give my metabolism a giant “kick start.”

What did I learn from this…next time use a lot less hot red pepper!

Anyways…here is my question: I’m looking for an opinion on what my readers feel is the BEST Juicer on the market today. I use a Jack La Lane Juicer and after about 18 months it seems to be getting a lot noisier when I juice and it is hard to move around without the base falling off. I believe it’s the Juicing Cutter Wheel that may need to be replaced – which I can probably order but, before I do that…I am looking for recommendations… as I might consider upgrading. I’m curious to see what everyone else is using these days.

Can you help me out here?




2 thoughts on “What’s The Best Juicer These Days?

  1. Hey Les,

    Haha that was an experience you won’t forget I bet!

    I’m far from a juice machine expert but I do run often and I’m always looking out to be healthy, I recently made some research and apparently the “Breville” model is a fairly decent juicer.

    I normally checked number of stars and reviews on Amazon to decide what’s a safe product to but and this was no exception, look it up there, they are highly affordable and from the reviews, a lot better than the Jack La Lane model.

    Hope this helps, cheers and happy juicing Les! 😉


  2. Hi Sergio –

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Just wanted to say that I did appreciate your help on the matter of the “Juicer”. As far as replacing the Juicer, my wife came home with a new one – it was an Omega “Big Mouth” and it works fine…a lot better than the one I had. Interestingly enough, a friend at work became interested in Juicing after just one conversation with me and he had a “Breville” and he had it a number of years (but rarely used), and his son was using it and it broke down. After talking to the company, they replaced the complete unit at no cost!!! That says a lot about “Breville.”

    Thanks for checking out my blog!


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