Where Do We Begin OUR Healthy Journey?

Les19-5c_rOften times I will run into a person that will do a double take when they see me and ask me how I got started on my weight loss and improved health journey. My simple answer is always …”it starts between the ears.”

Many years ago, one of my favorite mentors, Earl Nightingale, said…”You become what you think about.” Now, that sure sounds simple and sweet but there is a lot more to it than meets the ear! You cannot simply pass a thought through your head that says…I want to be much thinner and then wake up the next day and see the results. I just won’t work that way. I’m not trying to sound funny – I’m trying to make a point.

Too often, most people do not take the words “You become what you think about” serious at all. You can research this yourself and go back through history to the beginning of time when the spoken word was invented and you’ll see this expression and or quote if you like, in hundreds of different variations – all with the same meaning. I’ll be going deeper into this in my upcoming book that I’m working on but for now…let me say it differently – you need to BELIEVE in yourself and be CERTAIN about it.

No…you won’t wake up skinny the next day but I guarantee that if you focus your thoughts on actually being at your target weight instead of thinking about your current reality and, apply a burning desire to these thoughts you will begin to notice many things start to happen for you in your life. You must obsess over this thought.

How long did it take you to put on the additional weight that you now want to get rid of? You won’t lose it as fast as you gained it. And, you really didn’t gain it overnight either – it’s just that you have to work “consciously” harder to lose it. And, this takes patience. However, if you possess certainty to the outcome that you desire and certainty to your own abilities, patience will come easy. This mental process, by the way, is the most difficult part. It’s called “getting over the hump.”

In some of my up-coming posts, I’ll touch on what I consider Phase 2 of the new you program so keep an eye on the GYF blog. Also keep in mind that as of today…we only have 123 days left of 2013. It is time to begin preparations for the New Year!!

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One thought on “Where Do We Begin OUR Healthy Journey?

  1. My goodness, my goodness…if it worked for you, it will work for everyone! I had to laugh when I read your question…do you look like you feel when you look in a mirror? I DON’T EVEN HAVE A MIRROR….that’s how bad it is here so don’t be surprised if I try that detox/egg white stuff…just give me time to think it over!!! Good to hear you are doing great!

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