Where Does Weight Loss Start?

Gold ArrowThere is no getting around it. It's really not the type of diet that you select, it's not how much you can bench press and I would even venture to say that it is not that dependent on the foods you eat.

Now-A-Days (being in the high-tech Information age) we are bombarded with so much information on an hourly basis that it is hard to separate the correct from the incorrect stuff, the right from wrong and the good from the bad. What does one believe?

You try it and see if it works after doing a reasonable amount of “Information Sifting and Sorting” but only to find more questions and concerns!

As far as foods are concerned…I think that we are safe if we look at what our great, great human ancestors used to consume before the additives, preservatives and the dyes! How much should you eat? Use your brain and common sense…the more you eat, the larger you will become! Eat too much today…weigh too much tomorrow!

Just today, I began a challenge to a person whom with I communicate every once in a while between our blogs. He stated that he will start running again to help himself get back down to his desired weight… starting on this coming Monday; 5-6-13 and I challenged him by stating that I will start my regular exercise program again along with my daily walking to get to my desired weight. This whole idea came from a thought that came from my brain from a thought that was formed after receiving a blog post from him today…you get the picture. “Thoughts become things.”

I originally began my health and fitness goals back on 1-1-10 and lost up to (in a steady downward trend) 87 pounds over 18 months and to date I have walked almost 6,000,000 steps or close to 6,000 miles. These results were obtained by “Self-Determination” and a strong willpower. This came from my brain and not from the thousands of “get thin fast” programs out there. I am not putting all the diets and exercise programs down – there are a great number of excellent ones out there that do provide some good guidelines.

All I'm saying here is that you possess all that you need – right inside your head to get to where you want to be; health-wise…and remember it takes some good, regular and consistent DAILY EXERCISE along with good eating habits and give it more than a day to see the results! I'll talk more about this next time….

Be watching for my next post ….”Turning Goals Into Realty.”  Also…be watching for the weight-loss challenge that I'm counting on… that will begin in 48 hours or so!! How is that for making myself accountable to a person or two!!

To your health,


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