Which is Healthier…A Juice or A Smoothie?

I rawfoodstarterguideread an article in a custom health magazine that was written by a Registered Dietitian and I’m not sure that I agree with most of what she says about the difference between juices and smoothies.


First, it’s not a cut and dry difference. You NEED to use COMMON SENSE! Ask yourself, why are you drinking juices and smoothies? Why would you add fat and calories? And; why would you toss out valuable fiber?

If you think about it she’s talking about the home-maker that’s either juicing or blending the finished concoction. The difference being that with “juicing”, you are losing most of the pulp (that contains fiber and some nutrients) if you choose to lose it but, with a “smoothie” you are more likely to be including additional ingredients that will more than likely be adding some fat and calories not found in a basic juice – again, if you choose to add calories. Items like yogurt or milk but you are gaining the fiber.

Years ago, Jack LaLanne an individual dubbed as “the Godfather of Fitness” was known for his juicing and a whole lot more. He was truly passionate over fitness, great health and proper exercise by taking 2 hours each day for exercise for 60 years without missing a day! But, that’s another story!!

According to Jack, you do not throw out the pulp! You can:

  • Add some of it back into your juice (for more fiber)!
  • You can take the pulp and press it into cookies and place it in a dehydrator for a very high-fiber cookie snack!
  • If you decide to make a smoothie, ad some of your “Juice Pulp” to the Smoothie for additional fiber as well.
  • Never throw it out…you can also use it in your garden… as a last resort!

To me, the main benefit of Juicing is that you are able to get the nutrients into your body faster on a more cellular level. It is digested faster than the thick slow-swallowing smoothie.

I am not putting down the smoothie. I myself enjoy as many smoothies as I do juices. In fact I try and fit some of both into my daily diet. They both are very good for you. I’m not bashing either one nor will I ever say that one is better that the other as long as you enjoy both and be willing to use the pulp from your juicing in one or more ways…why waste it?

About My Smoothies

When I make a smoothie I usually will use either coconut water or unsweetened Almond Milk. I will never add dairy products for a multitude of reasons – over and above the extra calories that you’ll get. Sometimes I will include some protein powder as well. I avoid yogurt altogether because I simply cannot find “0 sugar” yogurt! (If you know of a “0 sugar” Yogurt…let me know a product name and a source). I have also – on occasion added a drop or two of various extracts to “kick it up a notch”!

Do you have a preference? Do you prefer all-natural juices with or without the added fiber? My mix is usually a Smoothie in the morning after a good workout and then Juices later in the day.

What is your view on this…leave a comment and let me know.

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