Who Is Responsible for Obesity? (Part 2)

220px-Hawaiian_ladyObese_EnWhat’s happened in the 21st Century to encourage obesity to get as out of
control as it has?

Our culture and our environment have changed as well as the body weights of the vast majority of Americans.  As I began my search for a couple of simple, logical reasons for the obesity epidemic, there seems to be no end to the list of excuses out there!  There are numerous excuses coming from every direction.

There was some mention that women are more targeted with obesity because they are strapped to a computer all day at work. Then you have the shrewd marketing that’s designed to lure so many people into the world of fast food.  We also have to now deal with what’s known as the urban sprawl as one writer has described. They are saying that because people are living greater distances from work which negates walking or bicycling to and from their jobs. They now have to drive instead and they feel that this causes obesity!

We have now developed a society and lifestyle that promotes food in every shape and form and has eliminated the need for exercise…a lifestyle where obesity can really blossom like never before! Here is one of the best ones I’ve heard yet… there are even pills being sold that make bold statements like: “no need to exercise, no need to even get off the couch… to lose weight…just take a pill!!” The problem with this is that – people believe this. So, where is the problem?

Do we pass the blame onto the so-called marketing experts for misleading the general population, or the manufacturers of the pills or the wish-full thinking of the “pill poppers?”

Also, found in my research, is why not put the blame on the socioeconomic status: You have wealthy or “better-off” people and you have folks with “lower incomes” and it was found in a recent study that the people in the  lower income group are more likely to be obese than those from the higher income group? It seems that those with smaller incomes are more apt to buy cheap, inexpensive and innutritious fast food instead of spending more money and investing more time in preparing much healthier, home cooked meals. Another excuse is that lower income families lack the education to know what foods are healthy and do not find the time to participate in healthy exercise to burn off those excess calories.

One of the more far out excuses for obesity that I found was comparing the modern day, typical fashion model; the average supermodel is five feet and eleven inches tall and weighs a whopping 117 pounds. The National Center for Health Statistics claims that the average weight for an adult female in the United States is 162.9 pounds. There is quite a difference between a supermodel and an average female when it comes to the average weight. It is being said that this difference in weight is impossible for a greater portion of females to manage or change and thus serves to encourage self-hatred and depression which may spawn overeating – creating obesity, rather than healthy weight loss.

Obesity seems to begin at an early age. Children and teenagers are never included in the obesity category which is normally reserved for fully developed adults. The Surgeon General reported the 13% of children aged six to eleven years old and 14% of adolescents aged twelve to nineteen years old were overweight in 1999 alone. Today 1 out of 5 children are obese.

As long as bad eating habits and low physical exercise activity are encouraged at home and in school, the battle against obesity will continue and worsen. In all of my research on this subject why has there been no mention of Personal Responsibility, Self-determination, and Will-power. I stand by the words that have been repeated in so many ways over the centuries; “you become what you think about”, “you are what you eat” and my favorite “you reap what you sow”.

If the people of our country, the good old USA – want to put an end to the obesity epidemic, the people need to accept responsibility for their own actions. Stop looking for someone else or something else to blame. If you want to stop obesity…quit stuffing food into yourself, start eating the correct foods in the correct portions for you height. Eat in moderation and enjoy the correct combinations of healthy foods. Educate YOURSELVES and learn which foods contain toxins and poisons that are detrimental to your health. Learn to read labels…Think before you eat! Today, look at yourself and if you are over-weight or worse yet obese…find a “skinny nutritionist” and find out what you need to do to correct YOUR problem and stop blaming everything else around you!!

Please share your comments on this if you wouldn’t mind – whether positive or negative. Is our country in a huge state of denial when it comes to obesity?


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