WISHING Positive, THINKING Negative

All it takes is Motivation and a Plan!

All it takes is Motivation and a Plan!

“Motivation is what gets you started.

Habit is what keeps you going.”

– Jim Rohn: American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker



  • Watch what Food I eat. Avoid everything WHITE.
  • Clean my e-mail.
  • 15 minutes on Guitar each day…toughen the finger-tips.
  • Get a post posted each day on my blog.


The above was added to my Journal as a “Header” almost 2 and ½ years ago TODAY in 2013!! As the days, weeks, months and years went on, the design of the header was modified and enhanced but the “reason” and the “message” was lost or ignored or not applied. All 4 items represent objectives that would have greatly benefited me in 4 areas of my life.

Has this ever happened to you? Please let me hear from you.

In 2-1/2 years; my weight has remained about the same, my e-mail is still a mess, and I've racked up maybe 20 days of guitar practice and probably generated 4 posts instead of the 250 that should have been!

Summary: I am now a bit older and still where I was when I started that campaign 912 days ago (approximately 2.5 years ago)! I probably should not use the word “started” Should I?

I was Wishing Positive” but Thinking Negative”….

The following information, in part, has been gleaned from one of my favorite Motivational Philosophers and speakers, Bob Proctor and I would like to share it with you in that there was simply no way for me to re-write it or change any wording without losing the impact that it had on me as well as the life changes it has helped me to realize.

Power Principal: There is no limit to What You Can Do!

That is… if you begin to THINK instead of WISH for what you want!

This identical concept is shared by the top 3% of the Healthy, Wealthy and Happy people in the world.

“I have license to brag about this concept since I did not originate it. Bob has gathered this information from the best…. the top 3% of our population.  40+ years of research and studying the lives of the Healthy, Wealthy and Happy….to a point of becoming an obsession” and I, began studying this same information in mid-1970!

“You should not permit your present situation to influence your thinking or your decision making from today on into the future.  Regardless of your present situation, you should proceed immediately to set a goal to achieve something so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time. It must be a goal that is so appealing and so in harmony with your spiritual core that you cannot get it out of your mind! This goal must be one that will dominate your thinking all of your waking hours.”

Alfred Adler – renowned psychologist who once said;

“I am grateful to the idea that has used me.”

Successful people subscribe to…

The “Negative Limiting Force” states Bob Proctor, forces you to focus on your weaknesses. You must develop an Opposing Positive Force that is ultimately more powerful than the Negative Limiting Force.

Now, finally, I have realized how important not only a GOAL is but the correct attitude or mind-set that must go along with the goal. I have always known this in a sense or I would not have taken myself from a husky mid-two hundred forty pound person to a high 100 pound person and kept it off and for that I am proud. But the many other accomplishments that I want to achieve really need to be in line with my spiritual core and must become an obsession for me during every waking moment just like my weight-loss was. So when people ask me how I did it – here is my advice:

  1. You must apply and take POSITIVE THINKING to a point of obsession.
  2. Do not even attempt to just “wish” for it as that does not work!
  3. Formulate a strategic plan of actions including deadline dates.
  4. Keep your objectives in the front of your mind and dwell on it every waking moment.
  5. Continue to modify your plan and improve each day.
  6. Never look back. The past is like a cancelled check! Worthless!
  7. Finally – make it a habit!

If you follow the above seven steps – you will be able to accomplish anything you will ever want to do! You may already know all of this but just in case you may be finding it difficult to reach your goals…pound these 7 important steps into your head!!!

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